Tuesday, March 18, 2008

this will be my shorty


Hey duuude! I am jus a bit drizzunk because it is the night before my interview and I was all tense and then Ste was like "Well let's go get some liquor," and you know I did not turn him down. So we've had a bit of wine, because you know what happened last time I drank actual liquor before an interview (I'm thinking pics of me w/ couch and green bucket!) Anywayzorz...

Reading your post I was like "Aah! I miss Keiko!" esp. because of the line when you were like "people man, gotta love 'em..." Haha, that is SO K!... I'm so glad you found a queer ally in the fatherland! Also, isn't Eriko that chick you were tryin to...y'know...way back when?? Haha!!

In recent news...I got an acceptance letter from the California College of the Arts! You know chances of me going there are small assuming Temple offers me equal amounts of $$, but if by some chance I grow balls and move to the Bay you know you better visit me there motherfucker!!! Even if not, I feel we should arrange a Cali meeting sometime in the not-too-distant future...maybe next summer if I'm set with a fellowship n shit n you got a job I could road fuckin trip out there, pick you up and we could ride back to Philly together!! (Of course we would hit up Emilia on the way! And Rich if he's still in the SC.)

Anyways, I better hit the hay if I wanna be rested for this interview...I'm hoping all goes well, but I got another one on Thursday and hopefully I'll hear something back from those other agencies or from the dozen resumes I sent out to Penn in the next week or so...

re: expat bizz, honestly the place I could see myself living is in London...that could be because it's one of the only other places I've been, but also I just love the city, almost as much as Philly...when I was there it felt much like home, but with so much to explore, you know? But anyway, all this is so far in the future...

Updates as they come...meantime, good to hear from you dude, keep the news comin',


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