Monday, March 3, 2008

party of one


I get bummed when I don't hear from you! Or maybe it's just that I get such a kick out of your posts that the rest of my time is boring comparatively...

It's a warm day in Philly! I'm wearing my torn jeans (from the Halloween party) and sitting in my chair with warm spring breezes blowing through my room, a Corona and green pastures...last week when I found out it was gonna be beautiful today, I started trying to recruit people for a trip to the park and some variable, but fucking everyone in busy! I don't understand what would not be worth blowing off. So I decided to have a party of one, and I bought a six-pack of Corona and changed into these jeans (because they're cooler, but also because I dropped a clod of cream cheese on them first thing this morning.)

See, now is the time when you need to be here. I know you'd've blown off school or for this!

Baby Ranks is playing on my new "Upbeat Stoner Mix" which I am editing, and expanding as I also download lots of Norah Jones.

I've been playing Zelda almost exclusively for these past two's a little addictive, and it takes up so much of my focus...the temples are really creepy and intense. It's been a great new distraction.

Stephen wrote a hysterical stoner poem last night, and I wanted to post it but the puta took it out of my room. Jessye was super hype about it and said it was clearly the best poem ever. I'll have to steal it back from him so I can post it next time...

Wish I knew what was happenin' in Osaka! Hoping you're having luck with the job search,


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S said...

1. Thanks for inviting me in your over 60 degree frivolities.

2. I've wanted to be intimate with Norah Jones for years. Or maybe it's just the linkage of her music with the sex I used to have while playing it? We may never know!