Wednesday, March 12, 2008

selling my body to science


Sorry about the lack of postings...I guess the more boring my life gets the less I post...

There was an inordinate amount of Zelda playing happening, but I think I'm bored with that now. Mostly, Ive been stressing out over not having a job. That was why Kim helped me sign up to bleed for science.

So I'm participating in this taste-sensitivity study and they pay me $40 for every 2-hour session (there are 6) and $40 for completing the study. Hey, that might even be enough to pay my utilities this month! So yesterday I sat in a blank room for 2 hours and sipped and spat clear solutions and rinsed and spat distilled water. At the end the study had succeeded in convincing me that not only was I incapable of tasting anything, but that was a good thing, as if I ever tasted anything again I would kill myself.

So, in the spirit of the update, there are a couple of things happening Stateside that will make you jealous, and the sort of go hand in hand...first of all, the other day Zayne fell into an ounce. It now resides in our casa. Second, Govinda's now does delivery. haha mofo. sucks to be you!

But, you know, also sucks to be me. A combination of a crippling fear of working and a crippling fear of not having any money paralyze me most days. Hence the dearth of interesting postage. The most interesting thing that happened to me recently was me and Ste driving to the NE to go to Las Margaritas. My life has been pretty unspeakably dull. And you're not even here to stir up trouble.

Holding down the fort here. I promise to immediately relay any news worth hearing. Que pasa on the other side of the world?


PS - In case you missed the comment Ste posted, here is the full stoner poem in the text of the blog:

surrounded by smoke cloudy
chatter and silence
pensive journalism
in the moment
crisp boxes of sticks
awaiting their destiny
cough blink laugh
alive –
a rush of thoughts
enigmatic maze
apathy for the outside world
the cool soma den
with the view of the city
in a paradise

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