Monday, March 17, 2008

blame mtv


Yesterday Jessye and I smoked and watched The Gauntlet III for like 4 hours...Nothing like watching people a) publicly humiliate themselves by performing ridiculous physical challenges for my viewing pleasure and b) publicly humiliate themselves in their down time by getting real drunk and shouting at each other for my viewing pleasure. I was remembering the time you and me and Imani were watching it from Rachel's living room and there was that skinny white dude who was like "I haven't been carrying my weight in these challenges, so today is my big day to prove myself. I'm gonna get out there and kick some ass." And then, you stated with certainty, "He's going to fall." Which he did. Good times.

The cops descending upon my hungover ass has been quite the conversational highlight of the week; at least I've had some time to recover from the emotional trauma, but we're still stashing the Jesus away from home and every time I hear sirens (which is, you know, often) I try to judge if they're getting closer or going somewhere else. And aside from all that shizz, I didn't really mention a lot of the rollicking fun we had over Sprng Break - it was hella nice out for the past week, warm and sunny. Thursday Alex and I took a drive up to Mt. Airy to pick Kim up from her internship, then chilled out at the rock garden and ate bananas...that night Gaja and Sofie came over...Friday, me and Ste and Alex walked up to the library and then hit up Sofie again and I got ripped drinking about a half of the bottle of vodkey that Sof brought and we had loud conersations about capitalism and how it's the devil...also on the walk home I pulled another tuck and roll and fucked up my ankle...

Today I fact check, tomorrow I bleed for science and Wednesday I have a job interview with a temp agency and my mom's birthday dinner. And on a painfully funny note, I jus got finished checking an article about this 43-year-old army vet with 20 years of accounting experience who's only been able to get crappy temp jobs for the past 6 years. His longest period of continuous work was for Penn, where he worked for a year and a half and applied for 44 other positions within the University with no luck before his job got terminated. Over 3 years he sent out 478 resumes and got a total of 3 job interviews. The article goes on to relay the news that its now almost certain we're in a recession and that corporations across the country have issued "hiring freezes."

Between the good news on the job front, and the drunken discussions of our downward spiral into facism, I'm thinking of becoming an expat. What do you think?


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