Saturday, March 22, 2008

gored gored


The title is the name of the meal I had last night at Abyssinia. (You remember the Ethiopian restaurant in West Philly? I know you were in there once...) It was basically a pile of little chunks of raw beef in this super-spicy sauce. Now, many in my immediate circle questioned my choice of consuming said uncooked meat - Kim refused the Ethiopian tradition of sharing a plate, and when I told Stephen about my leftovers he gave me a horrified look. I dismissed them all as unadventurous. In fact, the gored gored was quite delicious, and spicy enough to satisfy my taste buds (which have been immunized by scorching pho). But, you know, it also turned out to be a little hard to digest. I have decided to consider this a failing on the part of my digestive tract, and not of the idea of eating spicy raw beef. Still, I will be pan-frying the beef before I eat the leftovers this morning. Although I think that's really just good sense considering I know exactly zilch about the preservation of already prepared raw meat.


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S said...

Allyn, I'm with you on this one. I like my meat like I like my women: cold, pink and preferably bloody.