Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finding what makes you happy is life's challenge


Bahhhahaha!!! MTV shows are awesome for ridiculousness. That guy had to fall, otherwise his speech woulda been a waste of viewer's time and would have been cut. Maybe I should apply for MTV? lol jk.

Ahh the sirens. I actually miss the harmonious sirens of all sorts, with helicopter beats, and random shouting. I am so far away from all of that. And who woulda thought the cops were after Justin Murray who we never met or heard about... I wonder what he did. Just more drama for 1722 ey?

And what did I tell you about taking a fall... you always gta do it gracefully as you did near your brother's pad!!! hahaha I thought you were the master of all 'tuck and rolls' (to borrow your word).

Good to hear that you're keeping yourself busy! Bleeding for science, and whatever it is. I'm receiving news that US is going thru some tough times... yo dollar hit 95yen yesterday thats like whata fuck? it was 110yen n up when I was there... its never good when it takes a dive so quickly. It effects Japan too as we are a huge exporting country. So I'm sure many places aren't about hiring... but you just gta keep your antennas up. Hey, you may think you're just grabbing a drink at a bar and meet someone with chances of hiring you... possibilities are endless.

Yesterday, I went to another one of business executives' events that my father and team organizes. This time it was a President&CEO of a Japanese insurance company speaking about how he made changes and improved the company during the time where there were too many supplies vs demands and all the insurance companies were merging. This one stayed on its own, and made amazing improvements. Ok, I won't bore you more with the details. It was cool, and he's a Drexel graduate. He also taught there and at UPenn. blah~ hahaha, but he is an interesting guy.

Afterwards, I wasn't really planning on going to the all you can eat&drink. But I did... hahaha. It's always awkward for me at first, coz I'm just busy eating and observing people exchanging business cards and talking about their business etc. But it always gets extremely interesting at the end as more alcohol's consumed, and people are talking more casually. I was talking to this hotel owner, he was asking me about Shakespeare, n talked about religion etc. really cool guy. And then I met many presidents in a roll... and they were all real nice people. And then at the very end, I met couple of young guys who were shocked to find out I was my father's daughter... then some people from the British insurance company, a Canadian guy who was shouting "My wife is away, my son's asleep and my mother-in-law is home. I really wanna go home!" and a Japanese lady who I had the longest conversation with. The Canadian guy tried to give me more wine, and the lady says to him "She's a good girl." And the guy goes, "Oh no, I smell trouble when I see you smile like that!" I don't know what was goin on, but I was like, these adults are D-R-U-N-K. Anyways I got an invitation to visit their office sometime next week, so that should be interesting. They said they're extremely busy and could use a hand or two:) I'm not expecting anything coz I'm sure they were intoxicated, nevertheless I got the feeling that they were awesome people and just real fun! Meeting people with couple of drinks is the best thing:)

I met up with my friend Eriko, who used to live in Vancouver, on Monday. First lesbian contact since I've been back!! hahaha. She was telling me how she's out to her family now, and is sure she's not interested in guys. She was like, "Even if Brad Pitt was right in front of me, I'm confident that I won't feel anything." It's been 5 years since I met her when she was bi curious...now she's 20yrs old and is so 100% It was so comforting talking to her, with all the histories between us. She used to tell me I was the only one who she could really tell everything to... now in her second year in college, she knows all the gay spots & events in Tokyo :) hahaha! I really have to pay a visit to Tokyo!! She is so funny, we were just walking and talking so I was like "Where we going?", and she goes "I thought I was following you, but I guess I'm a step ahead huh?" and this is every time we meet up! It's like our routine, and its so comforting in a weird way... people man, gotta love em.

I really love being back and reconnecting with friends, and making new connections slowly but surely. Haven't landed on a job just yet, but I'm feelin it dog! (to borrow Randy Jackson's phrase, just saw some american idol episodes). Good luck to you too bro!!! I believe you'll find something. (You should apply for paley circulation once you start school too! it's easy money)

Where would you go if you become an expat? If you're serious I think its fuckin awesome. But keep in mind its not gna be easy just coz u expat urself. Its the whole mindset... with the right mindset I believe you can be extremely content with whatever and wherever you are.

Big hugs,


ps: have u seen the movie, 300? i suggest u see it if u havent yet:)

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