Monday, March 3, 2008

Apparently 8 years is long enought to surprise someone


Apologies for my absence re:blogging, also:a trip with you and variable. I've been in my head quite some time. Also, I tend to sneak and post while my rents aren't around. Computer is located right in the corner of our dining/kitchen area lol! I avoid engaging in personal matters when my mom is lurking around... hahaha!!

It's a shame no one had a time to spare, to be out with variable on a nice day. And mostly, to be with you! It is true many people are not like you and I. Re:supernatural ability to BS and get good grades. Last minute work pressure is the kind of challenge I do welcome...

I have also consulted with being prepared, in the case of getting paid! lol Job searching is going well... I applied for a man-to-man english instructor position with GABA. Check it out at for anyone who may be interested in a teaching job here. I have an interview in 2weeks. I know that looks are very important in teaching english caucasian. Can't fix that in 2 weeks lol but whata heck! I'll give it a shot, maybe I can pass lol! The organization doesn't seem to discriminate, but I know that the students's the 'if you learn from a white person, you'll be just like one of them' mentality. If I'm lucky there may be students who actually want to learn, and I have lots to offer from my experiences in learning English as a second language:)

Music, I miss my playlist... I miss my laptop... I haven't invested in music yet. Money is not my favorite thing either, but it is always spent. It is only a matter of figuring out how to direct the flow into your pocket ;) You gotta keep your blood circulating to live, and you gotta have a circulation of money around you to win against capitalism. I've invested a lot of money and time to get where I'm at; it's my time to win them back. That's what drives me everyday. Because I have a vision for myself. Not to become one of them re:greedy people, but to create something. I maybe too much of a 'king of wishful thinking' as I'm just fresh out of college, I believe I have the ability to make it happen.

Thanks to your advice re:keep your chin up. Translating the written word is a job I admire. I have been researching about it too. There are exams for such thing as a translating license... makes me want to laugh!

You know, I feel like a new born baby coming out of college. Perhaps I'm starting to believe that we relearn and recall what we inherently know/possess after birth... lol!

Back to the translating job, I don't know how well I convey my messages in English but it will be challenging for me to do that in Japanese as well. I think it'll be a good training process to perfect both languages. I had my mind in searching companies, so I'm so glad and thankful that you brought it up!!

Enough about jobs and serious matters...

Last week I visited my highschool. Naomi and I met up at the train station, had beer with lunch, and walked the completely altered street. There used to be dirt and mud and forests where we used to hike up for you know what. Our first stop: nurse's office. Because we used to spend a lot of time there chatting with the nurse about everything haha. We used to eat lunch there... go there after our trip to the forest... the nurse always had the nose to tell what we were doing lol. We sat there chatting with her about her pregnancy (in her 5th month) and looking through old yearbooks, while sick students came in and out lol. Then at 3:30 when classes got out, we went to the Japanese department to see my homeroom teacher, Ms.Mishima. She was surprised that I came in with Naomi, she thought Naomi was a year younger than me because she came in 11th grade and never had her class. Also because Naomi and I always hung out at the nurse's or the forest... I guess teachers knew me as one of the jock girls, except for the nurse. She kept calling her Akemi for some reason, and I kept saying "Naomi is...." lol.

Last stop: English department. There was a special reason why I went there. I don't know if I ever told you about my 8th grade English teacher, Ms.Brown? I entered that school in 8th grade and she was my first English teacher there, and she was strict. I hated her the first semester, for the amount of homework and her Brittish English, but my English improved unbelievably. I guess you could say she's my root for studying English. There's another thing about Ms.Brown... she dressed androgenous and was living with the Australian art teacher. I think I was highly curious at that age, and had my own theory that she's a lesbian lol... she didn't teach 9th grade English so I had bored myself except for the Mock U.N. English class. Come 10th grade I was suppose to take her class, and at the assembly before summer break she announced she was moving to Australia. The art teacher too. Ha! Having emptied half a bottle of gin with my friend Lucy in celebration for the last day of school that morning... I broke down in tears!! at the assembly!!! lol. I went crying to the English department later complaining that I was suppose to take her class in the fall. hahaha. I've always had a talent to make a scene under the influence, I guess. Come to think of it, there was no way teachers didn't smell alcohol... still a mystery.

So I've filled you up with this detail because last summer I heard that Ms.Brown was back in school. The art teacher too. I went into the office, see the back of her blonde head... "Ms.Brown?" She turns around slowly and stands up with both her hands on her cheeks, "Oh my god!!!" I expected to surprise her, but I wasn't ready for her to surprise me back with her reaction!! She was so in disbelief!! "Keiko?! Your face is all grown up! And your hair!!" (imagine the Brittish). And my hair, is like her hair only not blonde. And she kept giggling, I had forgotten that she did that a lot. She did it so much while looking at me and talking about back then... that I thought maybe she's high?! of course!! lol She said she couldn't recognize my face all grown up, but she remembers my face when I laugh lol. Maybe we both have the stoner laugh. of course!!

So I'm happy I was able to get that reaction from her after 8 years!!

So the story got long, but I hope you enjoyed. lol


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