Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's the slacker now???


What's been good??? How was Kim's b-day and Midsummer performance?? You don't wanna update me on anything? JK.

So I have a 4 day weekend!! actually it's 3day coz I worked Sat but I got 5day wkend next wk too!!!! isn't it sweet?!!! it's called Golden Week in Japan:) hells yeah! Plus got paid on Fri. I like jumped when I saw my pay check. My 1st salary, and they paid me for the whole month even tho I only worked for 3 weeks. I love my company lol.

The boss took us all out for dinner one night, and lunch at Hard Rock Cafe too. And in May, we are attending a gala coz he bought a table. I'm thinkin, he's fuckin cool!!! It just reminds me of Rachel on Friends!!! when she's trayna play hardball w Danny the Yetty, and also when Phoebe vs Monica Chandler were tryna find her a date lol. Awe classic Friends:)

I have to wear a dress tho lol. I think I'm going to wear a Thai dress. The charity is for Cambodia, but that's close enough lol JK. So the ladies were like talkin about bringing their partner/ date. The almost 40yrs old lady, let's call her sexy mama. She doesn't have a partner at the moment, and of course I'm not gna bring a date, so she was like "Keiko san, should we go as a couple?" LOL!!! I was like, "I guess I could wear a tux if you want me to." She is alwasy teasing me, I have a feeling she sees right thru me...

The other day, we were talking about age difference and I started talkin about how many Asian women look younger than their age, and sexy mama was staring at me so I asked her if I said something wrong. She said, "No no, I just really wanted to listen to what you're saying." She was also staring right at me when I was talking about how I'm attracted to people who are settled and stable lol. When I got tipsy at dinner, I just started blabbin about how attractive I think she is and I even said "You're like shining, you have a beautiful glow," which made her blush lol!!! So to sum it up, I'm flirting w my direct boss!!! lol

I'll let u know if anything interestin happens...that is if u wanna know lol. We exchanged cell# so we can play during our long wkends, but I actually don't know what to do lol.

On the other hand, there's this girl from high school that I hardly ever talked to (she was a year younger and was in soccer but never had any relationship w her beyond school) suddenly messeged me on japanese fb. I made my profile pretty obviously flamin so I could meet lesbians so I'm just wonderin why she's messegin me out of the blue after all these years. She's the kinda girl I can't imagine I'd have anything in common with... n she wants to go drinkin w me. At first I was like excited coz she's pretty hot (caucasian & japanese mix) and she had pix of her on a pole... maybe she's a pole dancer now??? AND maybe she's gay now???
N then I was like wait a minute... what does she want from me????? Remember Alex/Shakira? This girl reminds me of her (physically) lol.
She invited me to some hiphop event tonight...not sure if I'm up for it yet. But when I told her I want to go to Ladykiller, the girl party, she was like "I've been there!!"
Something tells me that I've tasted this poison before... u get me??

Anywho... I'm just trayna stay out of trouble. Please pray for my safety.

Ok bro, your turn. What's up in 1722?

Sending my love,


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Unfortunately there is no downtime at work. Everyone is a hard worker, and there are many many things to get done. This ain't America bro. I mean if you had health insurance and filed a claim, wouldn't you want it to be processed quickly so you can get your money back? We have to processed claims, applications, and renewals etc. that comes into our office so we can wend it over to New Zealand for assessment etc. We are a really hard working team and we kick ass:) Customer service is superb in Japan... Also, the first three months is like a trial period for me and the company to see if we like eachother.

And I like my team so much, probably because they are hard workers but also just fun to be with. Like on Friday, (I've told you already) my boss popped open wine bottles at 4pm because it's Friday, and also sort of like a bonvoyage type a thing coz he's goin to the Dubai and UK offices for meetings.

Anyways, I just got back from Saturday School with the kids:) Still tryna negotiate a higher pay since I've graduated college and have worked many years with the summer program etc. The guy who manages the salary is new and doesn't speak much English so it's hard to convince a clueless person. The department coordinator and the program director supports me, but I actually gta talk to the general manager...which is difficult because he's never at his office lol. He's basically wackin off...neways enough bout that.

So I've practically ran the whole week. Just got up and went to work 6days straight...and am exhausted, but I feel great! I'm so stoked I get to sleep in tomorrow!!! I really want it to be the end of the month, and meet my first salary!!! lol.

How was your meeting w Drake? I am sure she had lots of good advices for you.

Your science experiments sound interesting! Hey, it's something to do and you're meeting people;)

The ladies at my work are awesome eye candies too lol. Now you can understand why I enjoy learning about insurance so much! hahaha. mmm all I have to say is, it's nice.The oldest lady, the one I met at the bar, said she's almost 40...just right lol. Anyways I gave her a quick back rub and she was like, "Let's do this everyday." I was like anytime lol. Anyways I'm the youngest so they tease me a lot, and I kinda enjoy that.

Man, I'm always talking about work coz that's really all I did this week... but once I get used to it and actually get my salary, I'll make sure I get a life hahaha:)

Let me know how Kim's b-day went!!!


Friday, April 11, 2008



I can only assume at this juncture that you are being a blog slacker because of work/extenuating circumstances. But now that you have, like, an insurance cubicle or whatever it's almost required that you goof off online (read: BLOG) for at least 5 hours of any 8 hour work day. Need I remind you about the time when Chandler opened up an email that said "Nude Pictures of Anna Kournikova," thus releasing a virus into Ross' computer that made everything go black, and losing his keynote speech for the paleontology conference?

Rachel: Oh, this happens to my computer at work all the time.
Ross: Really? What do you do?
Rachel: Well, I usually just go play Tetris on someone else's computer for a while.

See? Even FRIENDS knows that corporate work dynamics require a lot of employee downtime. It's like when Dilbert realized that because he was salaried, his pay was not tied to his work performance, and he kept showing the other employees that he was just twiddling his thumbs.

Dilbert: Do you realize what this means???
Wally: You're getting paid for that!

Anyway, I could drop a steaming load of pop culture references on you, but that would be egregious as the main point I'm trying to drive home is: blog, motherfucker!

Yesterday Stephen and Jessye and I sparkled and drove out to Valley Green which was really quite beautiful but was also crowded because the weather was gorgeous, and apparently it's not too early to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. We listened to Jessye's emo music in the car, and my toe got mutilated by a chunk of glass that somehow found it's way into my sock. Interesting.

Tomorrow is Kim's party; right now I think we're looking at a weather-related postponement of the play performance, and just having the party here at 1722. Well I'll let you know.

I hope my ranting has in some way inspired you (JK),


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

spitting pudding is hard...


Well I'm in a better place mentally than I was at last post. You know how I adapt and how fast I can get back to being apathetic! I'm meeting with Drake tomorrow to discuss options...who knows? maybe she'll be able to pull some strings for me or at least make some useful suggestions. Though, honestly, I've had a moment to get used to the fact that maybe now is just the time when I start working for the rest of my life? I don't see any reason why I couldn't be happy just finding a job that pays for the bills and my various habits. It's like Loverboy said: "Everybody's working for the weekend" anyway, right?

Haha, I mean insurance is not your future career choice, right? But who knows? Maybe you'll find it tolerable enough and just do it because you can for who knows how long. One thing's for sure, as you said, something needs to change. Maybe when I get a job I'll be able to write again. Procrastination is, after all, the best medicine for writing.

I'm stoked you found a dyke community in Osaka! It must feel good to have been able to connect, especially since whenever I used to talk to you about it you always seemed convinced you wouldn't be able to find a QC in the land of the rising sun...I'm also glad you're finally embracing your "hot mom" leanings! Haha! I think it's clear you needed some sort of change in direction in that respect...maybe you'll find yourself a hot sugar mama and be able to retire early!

Today I bled for science again, and we were switching gears from taste tests to texture, so I was tasting all this milk, pudding and creamy tomato soup. And for the purposes of the test you can't swallow anything, so you taste it, spit it in the sink, and rinse. And let me tell you: pudding? Not as easy to spit as one might think. And the woman I've been testing with is leaving next week to attend her sister's wedding in Peru (where she's from), so I won't see her anymore...I'm a little sad. Although at times it was torturous, I came to enjoy Tuesday mornings with Susanna Finkbeiner. She's just a funny little person. Today I had to wear a noseclip to block my sense of smell so I could focus on the textures, and her boss threw them out. Then she said "Well, some people like to take them home. You know, to show children why they should like their noses."

Oh, Susanna Finkbeiner. You will be missed.

So, the job search continues. A few of the trees here have little baby leaves on them...others have flowers. Some are just starting to bud, you know that little haze of green around the branches? Nothing as spectacular as the cherry blossoms, I'm sure, but it brings that little hope of spring, that things might soon take a turn. And then it can't be too long until summer comes again. April showers or whatever...


PS - Listening to Billy Joel. Do yourself a favor and download some. Especially "For the longest time."

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The off party


Sorry to hear about the financial aid... there are other ways to get money from Temple or government no?? One thing I learned when getting a job is, you have to do everything now. The moment you remember you gta do it. Can't sit around and wait till last minute like I used to with my assignments. Professors will wait... lol. But we pay them for their knowledge. Anyways, jobs don't wait around for you. They will take the next best person whoever came first. Like "The Tortoise and the Hare."

So yesterday I had an orientation for Saturday School, where we just get ready for when the kids come back nex wk. Afterwards, I went to an "off party" by myself eeeeeeeeeee!!! Rememba I told you I met some lesbians online? Well this one woman organized a party at a izakaya(something like Kenka). It was a 90min all u can drink course with food for 3000yen (which is like $30). I was so nervous coz many people knew each other from the last "off party"... I just sat next to this lady who was sitting by herself (also I saw that she had her cig out so I just wanted to make it a smoking corner lol). The organizer was gorgeous lol! She was young like 27, and hyper-fem like she was wearing a black dress and her hair was all curly sort of like girls you see in magazines. There were like 20 people (many couples too) and everyone was friendly outgoing people!! The lady who also came by herself was 37yrs old and when she found out I was 23 she was so surprised, and said, "If I was 10yrs younger!!" hahaha.

Another woman on my right was also like 32 and she definitely was interested in talking to me, but she was with her girlfriend. They were both cute fem. Anyways she was asking me a buncha questions and I told her I was in Philly for a while then we got to talk about GIA etc... and celebrities we like. She asked me, "So are you looking for a girlfriend now??" ... "Umm, not really.. I just came back, was busy looking for a job, and am just starting on Monday. I just wanted to meet Japanese lesbians, and experience the night life etc." Then she put more beer in my glass, "So, do you only like white girls?" I was like absolutely NOT!! and I said, " I'm looking for someone like Aya Sugimoto... like when I'm walkin' around the streets I'm looking for Aya but it's hard to find someone like her right?" lol. Then everyone was like, "wow!! you can go for someone that much older than you? so you like the erotic type." I was like I mean age don't matter, matter of fact I am attracted to someone whose settled down, have experienced the working world, and is confident with themselves. Not some young chic who is a ball-of-insecurities. Aya Sugimoto is an actress, dancer, writer, and many more. She's written a book on Beauty, and Eros, erotic novels...her sales point is eros, and she'll be 40 this year but she is like fuckin gorgeous inside out. I'll post her picture for your reference lol. So seriously I'm lookin for someone like her lol. Someone who will teach me lots;)
To conclude, I'm glad I went! Now that I know some people, I will have lots to explore once I get paid!!! lol. Yo... so I'll be working mon-fri 9-6! can you believe it?? but my bosses said, everyone usually gets there 8:30 or before to get an early start and they never actually get to leave at 6 lol! Although, they are really trying hard to get things done by 6, they usually get out sometime b/w 7~8. So they are freakin busy, but I'm so excited about it!!! lol. Oh well, I'm not getting paid by the hour... so there's no harm lol.
There's a girl party "Ladykiller" tonight... Also Rihanna is performing in Osaka...I won't be going coz I gta wake up at 5:30 on Monday lol. Maybe next month because we have a 5day wkend in the beginning of May nationally called Golden Week. Japan has lots a national holiday:)
That's all for now:) Did you have Kim's b-day already??
Always wanna hear bout you bro.
Japan is beautiful white-pink everywhere right now with all the cherry blossom trees fully blossoming!!!

the worst thing


Dear Allyn,

By this time, should have heard that you have been accepted
in Temple University's Graduate Creative Writing Program, for
the two-year MA Degree in English with a focus on Creative
Writing. It's an exciting program. Some students have
actually visited the University, sat in on a creative writing
workshop, and have seen the level at which we pursue the
criticism of our fellow students' work.

I regret to inform you that we cannot offer you financial aid
for the academic year 2008-2009. We ask that you look into
other modes of financing your Degree at Temple--bank loans,
savings, family help.

The deadline for acceptance with at least a phone call our
secretary, Sharon Logan (215) 204-1796) is Thursday, April
10th. Those who have not notified us by Friday, April 11th,
at four o'clock pm, we will assume have declined to come.
Please notify us as to your decision as promptly as possible,
earlier rather than later--because of our waiting lists.

We look forward to seeing you the end of August, when we have
finalized the date for our Orientation Session.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at
summer's end.

Best wishes,
Chip Delany, Director,
Graduate Creative Writing Program,
Temple University

So now all that's left is to decide what I want to do with my life instead of be a poet.

I think I'm too old to change what I want to be when I grow up.

I guess I never thought wondering how to survive month to month would be a permanent thing.

I wish I could feel some other way about this than broken.


Friday, April 4, 2008



hahahaha I am amused by my title. I miss you too, bro! If you were in the states we would totally be playing Rock Band instead of karaoke (loves it!)...And big fat congrats on the job! It sounds like even if you don't like the work exactly, you'll be fine there, I've worked some SHITTY fucking jobs in my time and in my experience enjoying your job is really more about the people you work with. So to conclude, you rock and good luck not that you need it.

Not much is new here, I contacted the temp agency to let them know I was available, but I've heard nothing back. Nada nada nada. I ended up parting from PW on decent terms, my boss wished me luck and said to contact her if I ever need anything, and the receptionist I chat with whenever I am in offered to give me a good recommendation, so I still have to email her...

Fine fine, everything's fine...all I've done since leaving PW is sit in my room and watch movies with Ste and Zayne. I've seen some really good ones, at least...and I started reading Junot Diaz's "Drown" that Emilia lent me...I needed something besides David Sedaris to read before I go to sleep, and Junot Diaz is kind of similar memoir-y type stuff, only hella grittier and more cynical, which is perfect for me! Like, where David Sedaris might be talking about his hellish French teacher who lampoons everyone in her class, Junot Diaz is talking about him and his older brother as kids taking a bus through the DR to beat the crap out of this kid whose face got eaten off by a pig when he was a baby. You know, slight differences...

Till there is more to report,


Thursday, April 3, 2008



I just wanted to write a quick one to let you know I'll be working for the insurance company I've been telling you about! Starting Monday!! It's been a real good week this week... busy but good. I went to Karaoke with my friend SoO and sang the randomest songs!!! Ciara's Promise, which she sang sexy like Ciara... so funny:-P Rihanna's Umberella was soo fun too. I also sang the "badadada badadada badadada..." song!!! made me think of you sooo much!! also when she sang Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls!! OMG "suicidal~" lol!!! I really wish you were there!!!!!!! You'd love karaoke.

Gta go now, but will write more soon!!! Lots of things coming up!!!!!!