Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's the slacker now???


What's been good??? How was Kim's b-day and Midsummer performance?? You don't wanna update me on anything? JK.

So I have a 4 day weekend!! actually it's 3day coz I worked Sat but I got 5day wkend next wk too!!!! isn't it sweet?!!! it's called Golden Week in Japan:) hells yeah! Plus got paid on Fri. I like jumped when I saw my pay check. My 1st salary, and they paid me for the whole month even tho I only worked for 3 weeks. I love my company lol.

The boss took us all out for dinner one night, and lunch at Hard Rock Cafe too. And in May, we are attending a gala coz he bought a table. I'm thinkin, he's fuckin cool!!! It just reminds me of Rachel on Friends!!! when she's trayna play hardball w Danny the Yetty, and also when Phoebe vs Monica Chandler were tryna find her a date lol. Awe classic Friends:)

I have to wear a dress tho lol. I think I'm going to wear a Thai dress. The charity is for Cambodia, but that's close enough lol JK. So the ladies were like talkin about bringing their partner/ date. The almost 40yrs old lady, let's call her sexy mama. She doesn't have a partner at the moment, and of course I'm not gna bring a date, so she was like "Keiko san, should we go as a couple?" LOL!!! I was like, "I guess I could wear a tux if you want me to." She is alwasy teasing me, I have a feeling she sees right thru me...

The other day, we were talking about age difference and I started talkin about how many Asian women look younger than their age, and sexy mama was staring at me so I asked her if I said something wrong. She said, "No no, I just really wanted to listen to what you're saying." She was also staring right at me when I was talking about how I'm attracted to people who are settled and stable lol. When I got tipsy at dinner, I just started blabbin about how attractive I think she is and I even said "You're like shining, you have a beautiful glow," which made her blush lol!!! So to sum it up, I'm flirting w my direct boss!!! lol

I'll let u know if anything interestin happens...that is if u wanna know lol. We exchanged cell# so we can play during our long wkends, but I actually don't know what to do lol.

On the other hand, there's this girl from high school that I hardly ever talked to (she was a year younger and was in soccer but never had any relationship w her beyond school) suddenly messeged me on japanese fb. I made my profile pretty obviously flamin so I could meet lesbians so I'm just wonderin why she's messegin me out of the blue after all these years. She's the kinda girl I can't imagine I'd have anything in common with... n she wants to go drinkin w me. At first I was like excited coz she's pretty hot (caucasian & japanese mix) and she had pix of her on a pole... maybe she's a pole dancer now??? AND maybe she's gay now???
N then I was like wait a minute... what does she want from me????? Remember Alex/Shakira? This girl reminds me of her (physically) lol.
She invited me to some hiphop event tonight...not sure if I'm up for it yet. But when I told her I want to go to Ladykiller, the girl party, she was like "I've been there!!"
Something tells me that I've tasted this poison before... u get me??

Anywho... I'm just trayna stay out of trouble. Please pray for my safety.

Ok bro, your turn. What's up in 1722?

Sending my love,


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Zayne Amer said...

P.S. Bito is TOTALLY the slacker.

Miss you Keiks.