Thursday, May 1, 2008

sorry for the lapse bro!


Apologies for the lack of blogging - I went from feeling like there wasn't anything to blog about to feeling like there was too much and it was overwhelming. I've been unusually busy (you know, for me, anyway) these past couple weeks.

So I'll start off with some recent news and work back:

1. It's my birfday!!

2. I got a job!! I went on two interviews this week, the second one was yesterday morning, and then yesterday afternoon I got a call from the guy saying they wanted to offer me the job!It's a traffic editor position at, which basically means I'm assigned to monitor 3 cities and I listen in on police scanners and watch internet tickers and stuff, then I collate the information and post on the website every 60 seconds. I work nights, about 8pm to 4am and I get $12/hr for the first 4 hours and $15/HR for any time I work between midnight and 6am. Right now they're waiting for my criminal background check to come back and I'll start the next day.

Saturday was my birthday party...I had everyone come up to my rents house to eat and play dad made pulled pork sammiches (SO divine!) and broccoli cholesterol and grilled veggies, and my mom made a red velvet cake. We played some Rock Band and I learned how to play Asshole and Egyptian Ratfuck (card games). Stephen, Zayne and Sofie left early with my brother and I stayed later with Kim, Brian, Jessye, and Brian's brother Danny. Afterwards we had a drink at Dahlak and I stayed at Kim's place.

The night before that, Sofie came over and we started drinking, then Stephen joined in; all told, we drank two bottles of vodka and a magnum of champagne before going to Stephen's room and doing drunken sing-alongs to showtunes while Ste played keyboard. Then me and Sofie started replacing key words with "ass." Example (from "My Fair Lady"):

"I could have assed all night!
I could have assed all night!
And still have begged for ass!
I could have spread my ass!
And done a thousand things!
I've never done with my ass!"

Previous to that, I would call 4/20 a success, though it just couldn't hold a candle to last year...remember laying on the roof for hours with Emilia? And the stinkin' train tracks? Haha, good fuckin times...

Kim's bday party was a success, but due to rain there was no performance of Midsummer...instead, we had the party here at 1722. I was in charge of making punch and I chose to try out a new recipe...a fucking TUB of "Long Island Pink Lemonade." It consisted of a bottle of Sauza Silver tequila, and bottle of Seagram's gin, and bottle of Smirnoff, a bottle of Bacardi, 2 gallons of Wawa lemonade and a bottle of Cranberry Juice. Then we floated frozen berries in it. People kept telling me it was delicious and they were unexpectedly drunk - I was so proud!

Anecdote: In the morning, Brian and I went out, did the grocery shopping, then stopped at Wawa for mixers and because Brian was really hungry. We ate our sammiches in the car outside the liquor store and then I locked my fucking keys in the car...So instead of calling AAA, Brian was like "Well my cousin Kate is driving down, so she can just pick Stephen up and drive the keys down to us." So we wait and wait and we're wondering why it's taking so long for Kate to get to 1722 from 15th and Bainbridge. Then Stephen calls and says "Well she's here, but she doesn't have a car. She took the bus in." And then Brian was like "Oh. right." So we called AAA anyway. LOLZORZ.

The next Friday it was BEautiful out! So me n Ste n Sofie and Brian went to Ocean City. We chilled on the beach, me and Brian built a giant turtle sand sculpture, and then we went to this restaurant and speculated that our waitress, "Currie," was on coke.

Anyway, I've had an eventful few weeks I guess! Sorry again for not posting. Dude, hitting on your boss? 2 thoughts:

1. The MAC machine is BACK!!!
2. Dear god don't sleep with your boss.

Watch out for the other facebook chick, but you know at least she seems to be out or whatever...Always wishing you safety and good luck, lucky child; you've only been home a few months so my advice would be take it easy and don't jump the gun on the hooking up with people anyway...give things time and let them develop and you will know what you should do.

Brotherly Love,


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