Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Man I miss stumbling around the city of Philadelphia drunk w u!!! and not knowing how u and stephen made it home before me and jessye when we were power walkin to get to mota first!!! lol!!! Ahahaha good fuckin times yo.

I'm glad u had a blastful Sunday OUT!! I had a fuckin awesome night as well, but a strange night. I was not drunk. Aite let's call this girl, Monica lol. We met up and went to a random restaurant that I had made a reservation coz she was comin back from Tokyo n it's usually a 15 ~30min wait here on wkends n holidays. I had picked the place out according to her request re: a dark place, coz if it's too bright it's hard to relax. lol. So the food n drinks were aite, but the mood was perfect I guess:) U don't understand how weird it was to meet up w her at first, n talking about highschool. But everything was just right, like we were reacquainting w eachother n we like hit it off.

Then she called her friend to find out where the lesbian bars are at. Apparently we were right in the gayborhood lol. So we literally went next door n found a lesbian bar. Had a drink and had everyone staring at us... and we were just saying shit in English like "Let's just go after this drink... did we come to the wrong place?" Come to think of it I'm thinking, they were just staring at the caucasian girl speaking in Osaka dialect lol.

And we finally made it to the girl party. The place was packed n I would say a productive party for girls to meet... but it's always the music!! is the biggest problem. They play shit u can't dance to... why? Most of the time we were people watching which was a lot of fun. I saw some people I met last month, and they all looked at Monica like I was with a goddess... we got a lot of, "are u guys together?" and she got a lot of, "are u straight?" I was just thinking, can't they think of anything interesting to say? lol. oh well, so we got sick of the music so left at 2 and went to play pool at "Sam&Dave" a typical foreigner's club. They play descent music tho. So we played pool, and she went on the little stage n showed me her pole moves!!! ZOMG, is all I have to say. really.

Anywho I didn't get drunk eventho we were constantly drinking. I just stayed w vodka tonic. I guess it was a good move to go to Sam&Dave where there were mostly guys lol. Coz we kinda just stuck closer together, to chase the guys away hahaha!! But I know I wasn't drunk coz, I was so nervous touchin her. We stayed till 5 n went to grab a bite n got on the train.

So that was briefly my night... I feel like I didn't have much to say about the girl party:( sorry. Had I gone alone, maybe I'd have more to say?

So I took a nap after I got home but forced myself up so I'd be able to sleep tonight so I am so sleepy at the moment. I apologize in advance if this post is crappy lol. There were hilarious dancers on stage at the girl party, I wish u couldve been there to see them!! lol

I hope this suffices for ur tit. lol



PS: Kim, i love mushi cakes too!!! hahaha fyi, she looks like a white woman but is pretty japanese inside:) interesting, isn't it?

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