Saturday, May 3, 2008

I can smell excitement!!!


First of all, Happy 23rd Birthday!!! And, congrats on the job!!!! Sounds like you're on your way to grasp many exciting things. Believe it:)

I certainly appreciate ur advice about hooking up w my boss n not. lol

And not to worry, I happen to think it's a really bad idea to sleep w ur boss as well. What's the harm in enjoying a little palpitation during work?? hahaha. It's just amazing how people can take ur breath away sometimes;) and u know what's greater? Is when u know u have the same effect on them.

Anywho...I grabbed sexy mama out for some drinks last week;) She briefly walked me thru her past n how she ended up where she is now. Sake kicked in n I came out to her lol. Just as I expected, she didn't seem surprised. I was going to ask her if she was interested in goin to the girl party w me, but the other girl said she wants to go so I'm gna take the risk.

She told me she's heard all about me in high school... that I kissed Karin etc. I didn't think kissing a girl was a big deal for teenagers lol. She said she doesn't have experiences kissin a girl when she was a teen so she envies me lol... I guess I might have more to talk w her than I imagined. I'm kinda nervous meetin her after all these years. But if this means more friends that I can be open with, I'm happy n excited:)

Half of me is excited coz I think she's hittin on me... but the other half tells me, let's not be too cocky. lol She's definitely a fun girl so it should be a fun night.

So your job, i imagine u can work from home right?? or do u need special equipments? I think the previous science experiements were interesting. Can't wait to hear about traffic reports!! Health insurance is still keeping me interested:) So many interesting customers:) Can't really share but maybe someday over a long island icetea;)

Any road trip plans for the summer?? Since I am living at home, I plan to save 1/3 of my salary every month which is roughly $1000. I think a trip to Amsterdam will happen surely;) Funny thing is no matter how much you make... it is so easy to spend it. I gave 1/3 to my parents n some to my brother... n can't remember what I spent the rest on ... just clothes n drinks. So obviously saving is not my priority this month, but it feels like I can finally breathe.

Hopefully I'll have lots to write about tomorrow night....

Say hi to 1722!!!


P.S. I miss u too Zayne!!! Have a safe trip to Egypt!!!

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Kim said...

Do you know those mushi cakes.They are yellow delicious spongy cakes. I miss them so.
It sounds like you're doing well. And yeah no sleeping with the boss or crazy white women