Saturday, August 23, 2008


So waht's up? If I don't blog, you don't?? just kidding. It's been too long, I apologize. I really don't know where to begin... so much has happened since June right?

How's your summer? I had a hell of a summer. Past tense coz I'm about ready for the next season ;-P There's a Raggae event at the beach on the 31st and that's the end of Summer for me. This year, I told myself I'm gna make everyday my bday party! lol. So it's been an amazing month.

I went to see Alicia Keys and Coldplay on my bday after partying all night. Oh and last weekend, I slept 24 hours straight! Can u believe it? I kinda still don't. But it's the truth. lol

I went to the beach and then went to a pretty famous S&M bar to see Vivian... she tours the world and is really big in the S&M world. Which I just recently got introduced to lol. Don't worry, it's not so crazy as you may imagine...but then again who knows, coz my standards are kinda off. And then went to a "happening" bar... got home like 8am and went to sleep until 8am the next day. I had plans in the evening with people from work... so when I woke up I had a msg from Sexy Mama, and I replied asking where exactly we were meeting. She said, "No Keiko, that was yesterday." lol.

So you keeping the job? School's starting soon? R u excited? I envy that you're going back to school! Tell me what's new with you?

I'll try to write more often bro in small volumes. I always end up not bloggin coz I think of all the things I wanna tell you and just never have the time to sit at a computer besides when I'm at work, working. . .