Monday, May 5, 2008

queer stampede


I wanna know about the girlparty! I miss those days at Sal's...

Yesterday I was feeling mucho apathetic about life, but it was Sunday OUT, the last day of equality forum and I turned to Ste and informed him that we owed it to ourselves to go mingle with the other queers. Then I called Sofie and told her the same thing. Then I took the two bottles of Nantucket Nectars left by Zayne's crew the night before, dumped them out halfway, and refilled them with the vodka left by same crew.

That's how we found ourselves sitting on a curb at 4th and Market at 4 in the afternoon, trashed and judging people's fashion choices. And staring at the infamous fag hag girl in the black dress with the great body. "Oh, black dress!" <---Quote of the day

Where it gets fuzzy is how, after a slice at SOHO, we ended up doing kamikaze shots and more drinks at TOC (hithertofore to be referred to by Sofie's apt nickname, "Tired Old Queers: The Bar," or "TOQ.") and then stumbling over to Sister's. Shit was hoppin yesterday! At some point I was boycotting one of their shitty DJ's shitty songs, just leaning up on the speaker and this chick comes up and is like "Why aren't you dancing?"and I told her I was boycotting the song, but then she like, FORCED me to dance with her...then she told me I couldn't dance and I told her that was fucked up and then her other friend was like "Oh, don't worry, I'll just dance behind you!" Haha and then I was sandwiched. I want to say they were both cute, but honestly between the vodka and the dark dance floor, the only way I recognized the chick when she started talking to me about music at the bar was by the way she smelled.

Later I tripped over someone and it turned out to be Shalimar. (I fell on my ass but didn't spill a drop of my beer - that's talent.) I was too drunk to remember that I don't like Shalimar so I was all "Hey, long time no see!" Haha, and then this morning I remembered she used to grab my gf's ass...dust under the rug now, I guess!

Anyway, long story short, my fucking legs are sore from dancing and my toes are all's been a long ass time since I wiled out like that! It was a hella crazy tit for tat, bitch, where are your stories???


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