Friday, May 16, 2008

working stiff


So much has been happening, but right now so little of it seems post-worthy.

I started my job, training last Thursday, worked 3 days 10am-4pm at the training, spent 2 nights 7:30pm-midnight shadowing people - well, actually, on Tuesday they stuck me with Cleveland/Columbus/Cincinnati, so I guess technically I actually wasn't shadowing that night. At first I was really hype about trying to get things into the system, refreshing the CAD pages (where the incident reports pop up) constantly and fretting about whether I missed anything on the police scanners. Then I looked around at people playing scrabble and goofing off on facebook, and just decided that maybe I shouldn't be taking this quite as seriously.

So, my job must be the opposite of yours, lol. We should do some kind of impromptu study into the differences in feelings of accountability and corporate loyalty in Japan vs. America! Haha, but for now at least maybe you can understand why I expect office workers to be goofing off all the time.

Over the weekend, Kim and her friend Talia dragged me 3 hours up to the Delaware water gap, where we hiked four miles up the Appalachian trail with giant packs on our backs to a backpackers' campsite. The trail was rocky as shit, and all uphill on the way in, pretty steep in places. I thought for sure that I would be straggling behind and gasping for breath since, unlike Kim, I haven't dropped 35 pounds hitting the gym everyday for the past months and, unlike Talia, I am not 'bout the size of a button and hiking a trail I've hiked a dozen times before.

You would have been impressed with me, Keiks. Someone told Kim that an experienced Hiker could make the four miles in an hour, and if you were really out of shape you might take four hours. We did it in only 2 hours, with a break for lunch!I was fucking killin' it, man. When you first start out, you get winded easily and I took a few breaks after the first few big hills. But once I got into a pace, I was fucking unstoppable. A lot of times I had to pause and wait up for Talia and Kim.

When we got to the campsite, we pitched our tents on this platform right on the side of the mountain with a view of the whole damn valley - it was gorgeous. Then we hiked out to the nearby pond where we got some extra water from a stream and Talia treated it with iodine, in which we would later boil our dinner (some kind of Indian-like pureed spinach with curry cheese and wild rice from TJ's that came in boiling pouches. Delish!) At the pond, we climbed up onto a cliff with a killer view and played Uno and Egyptian ratfuck (which I've been obsessed with since I learned it at my birthday party.)

That night, Talia and Kim took a walk on the trail to warm up before bed and I laid on our platform and watched the stars come out.

On the downside, I didn't get the hang of copping a squat to piss right away, the outhouse I had to shit in was like a one-room hell, and Kim surmises that that might be where I picked up the three deer ticks that were feasting on my blood when we got home the next day. More later on whether or not I have lyme disease. Also, I slept about a wink that night. I don't do well without an actual bed and pillow. Kim says maybe next time we can hike to a hotel.

But overall, inspite of the bruises from repeatedly twisting my ankles and falling on the campground (though not once on the trail) and the tick's head still embedded in my thigh, I hiked 8 fucking miles of rough trail in two days and I am so proud of myself.

Tonight I start my first 8 hour shift at work. I hope I can survive the boredom and overwhelming sense of hopelessness that is sure to overcome me after about the fourth hour of being stuck in that florescent-lighted room of buzzing police scanners and ennui, when I realize I'm only halfway done. My friend Roberta, who I worked with at the Franklin Institute, and who I just found out works there, too, says people fall asleep at their desks all the time. She's also been posting bulletins on Myspace for months before I even started working about how she hates the job.

Wish me luck, and for the love of god, dude, show up on facebook sometime between 8pm and 4am my time. On the flipside,


Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Man I miss stumbling around the city of Philadelphia drunk w u!!! and not knowing how u and stephen made it home before me and jessye when we were power walkin to get to mota first!!! lol!!! Ahahaha good fuckin times yo.

I'm glad u had a blastful Sunday OUT!! I had a fuckin awesome night as well, but a strange night. I was not drunk. Aite let's call this girl, Monica lol. We met up and went to a random restaurant that I had made a reservation coz she was comin back from Tokyo n it's usually a 15 ~30min wait here on wkends n holidays. I had picked the place out according to her request re: a dark place, coz if it's too bright it's hard to relax. lol. So the food n drinks were aite, but the mood was perfect I guess:) U don't understand how weird it was to meet up w her at first, n talking about highschool. But everything was just right, like we were reacquainting w eachother n we like hit it off.

Then she called her friend to find out where the lesbian bars are at. Apparently we were right in the gayborhood lol. So we literally went next door n found a lesbian bar. Had a drink and had everyone staring at us... and we were just saying shit in English like "Let's just go after this drink... did we come to the wrong place?" Come to think of it I'm thinking, they were just staring at the caucasian girl speaking in Osaka dialect lol.

And we finally made it to the girl party. The place was packed n I would say a productive party for girls to meet... but it's always the music!! is the biggest problem. They play shit u can't dance to... why? Most of the time we were people watching which was a lot of fun. I saw some people I met last month, and they all looked at Monica like I was with a goddess... we got a lot of, "are u guys together?" and she got a lot of, "are u straight?" I was just thinking, can't they think of anything interesting to say? lol. oh well, so we got sick of the music so left at 2 and went to play pool at "Sam&Dave" a typical foreigner's club. They play descent music tho. So we played pool, and she went on the little stage n showed me her pole moves!!! ZOMG, is all I have to say. really.

Anywho I didn't get drunk eventho we were constantly drinking. I just stayed w vodka tonic. I guess it was a good move to go to Sam&Dave where there were mostly guys lol. Coz we kinda just stuck closer together, to chase the guys away hahaha!! But I know I wasn't drunk coz, I was so nervous touchin her. We stayed till 5 n went to grab a bite n got on the train.

So that was briefly my night... I feel like I didn't have much to say about the girl party:( sorry. Had I gone alone, maybe I'd have more to say?

So I took a nap after I got home but forced myself up so I'd be able to sleep tonight so I am so sleepy at the moment. I apologize in advance if this post is crappy lol. There were hilarious dancers on stage at the girl party, I wish u couldve been there to see them!! lol

I hope this suffices for ur tit. lol



PS: Kim, i love mushi cakes too!!! hahaha fyi, she looks like a white woman but is pretty japanese inside:) interesting, isn't it?

Monday, May 5, 2008

queer stampede


I wanna know about the girlparty! I miss those days at Sal's...

Yesterday I was feeling mucho apathetic about life, but it was Sunday OUT, the last day of equality forum and I turned to Ste and informed him that we owed it to ourselves to go mingle with the other queers. Then I called Sofie and told her the same thing. Then I took the two bottles of Nantucket Nectars left by Zayne's crew the night before, dumped them out halfway, and refilled them with the vodka left by same crew.

That's how we found ourselves sitting on a curb at 4th and Market at 4 in the afternoon, trashed and judging people's fashion choices. And staring at the infamous fag hag girl in the black dress with the great body. "Oh, black dress!" <---Quote of the day

Where it gets fuzzy is how, after a slice at SOHO, we ended up doing kamikaze shots and more drinks at TOC (hithertofore to be referred to by Sofie's apt nickname, "Tired Old Queers: The Bar," or "TOQ.") and then stumbling over to Sister's. Shit was hoppin yesterday! At some point I was boycotting one of their shitty DJ's shitty songs, just leaning up on the speaker and this chick comes up and is like "Why aren't you dancing?"and I told her I was boycotting the song, but then she like, FORCED me to dance with her...then she told me I couldn't dance and I told her that was fucked up and then her other friend was like "Oh, don't worry, I'll just dance behind you!" Haha and then I was sandwiched. I want to say they were both cute, but honestly between the vodka and the dark dance floor, the only way I recognized the chick when she started talking to me about music at the bar was by the way she smelled.

Later I tripped over someone and it turned out to be Shalimar. (I fell on my ass but didn't spill a drop of my beer - that's talent.) I was too drunk to remember that I don't like Shalimar so I was all "Hey, long time no see!" Haha, and then this morning I remembered she used to grab my gf's ass...dust under the rug now, I guess!

Anyway, long story short, my fucking legs are sore from dancing and my toes are all's been a long ass time since I wiled out like that! It was a hella crazy tit for tat, bitch, where are your stories???


Saturday, May 3, 2008

I can smell excitement!!!


First of all, Happy 23rd Birthday!!! And, congrats on the job!!!! Sounds like you're on your way to grasp many exciting things. Believe it:)

I certainly appreciate ur advice about hooking up w my boss n not. lol

And not to worry, I happen to think it's a really bad idea to sleep w ur boss as well. What's the harm in enjoying a little palpitation during work?? hahaha. It's just amazing how people can take ur breath away sometimes;) and u know what's greater? Is when u know u have the same effect on them.

Anywho...I grabbed sexy mama out for some drinks last week;) She briefly walked me thru her past n how she ended up where she is now. Sake kicked in n I came out to her lol. Just as I expected, she didn't seem surprised. I was going to ask her if she was interested in goin to the girl party w me, but the other girl said she wants to go so I'm gna take the risk.

She told me she's heard all about me in high school... that I kissed Karin etc. I didn't think kissing a girl was a big deal for teenagers lol. She said she doesn't have experiences kissin a girl when she was a teen so she envies me lol... I guess I might have more to talk w her than I imagined. I'm kinda nervous meetin her after all these years. But if this means more friends that I can be open with, I'm happy n excited:)

Half of me is excited coz I think she's hittin on me... but the other half tells me, let's not be too cocky. lol She's definitely a fun girl so it should be a fun night.

So your job, i imagine u can work from home right?? or do u need special equipments? I think the previous science experiements were interesting. Can't wait to hear about traffic reports!! Health insurance is still keeping me interested:) So many interesting customers:) Can't really share but maybe someday over a long island icetea;)

Any road trip plans for the summer?? Since I am living at home, I plan to save 1/3 of my salary every month which is roughly $1000. I think a trip to Amsterdam will happen surely;) Funny thing is no matter how much you make... it is so easy to spend it. I gave 1/3 to my parents n some to my brother... n can't remember what I spent the rest on ... just clothes n drinks. So obviously saving is not my priority this month, but it feels like I can finally breathe.

Hopefully I'll have lots to write about tomorrow night....

Say hi to 1722!!!


P.S. I miss u too Zayne!!! Have a safe trip to Egypt!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

sorry for the lapse bro!


Apologies for the lack of blogging - I went from feeling like there wasn't anything to blog about to feeling like there was too much and it was overwhelming. I've been unusually busy (you know, for me, anyway) these past couple weeks.

So I'll start off with some recent news and work back:

1. It's my birfday!!

2. I got a job!! I went on two interviews this week, the second one was yesterday morning, and then yesterday afternoon I got a call from the guy saying they wanted to offer me the job!It's a traffic editor position at, which basically means I'm assigned to monitor 3 cities and I listen in on police scanners and watch internet tickers and stuff, then I collate the information and post on the website every 60 seconds. I work nights, about 8pm to 4am and I get $12/hr for the first 4 hours and $15/HR for any time I work between midnight and 6am. Right now they're waiting for my criminal background check to come back and I'll start the next day.

Saturday was my birthday party...I had everyone come up to my rents house to eat and play dad made pulled pork sammiches (SO divine!) and broccoli cholesterol and grilled veggies, and my mom made a red velvet cake. We played some Rock Band and I learned how to play Asshole and Egyptian Ratfuck (card games). Stephen, Zayne and Sofie left early with my brother and I stayed later with Kim, Brian, Jessye, and Brian's brother Danny. Afterwards we had a drink at Dahlak and I stayed at Kim's place.

The night before that, Sofie came over and we started drinking, then Stephen joined in; all told, we drank two bottles of vodka and a magnum of champagne before going to Stephen's room and doing drunken sing-alongs to showtunes while Ste played keyboard. Then me and Sofie started replacing key words with "ass." Example (from "My Fair Lady"):

"I could have assed all night!
I could have assed all night!
And still have begged for ass!
I could have spread my ass!
And done a thousand things!
I've never done with my ass!"

Previous to that, I would call 4/20 a success, though it just couldn't hold a candle to last year...remember laying on the roof for hours with Emilia? And the stinkin' train tracks? Haha, good fuckin times...

Kim's bday party was a success, but due to rain there was no performance of Midsummer...instead, we had the party here at 1722. I was in charge of making punch and I chose to try out a new recipe...a fucking TUB of "Long Island Pink Lemonade." It consisted of a bottle of Sauza Silver tequila, and bottle of Seagram's gin, and bottle of Smirnoff, a bottle of Bacardi, 2 gallons of Wawa lemonade and a bottle of Cranberry Juice. Then we floated frozen berries in it. People kept telling me it was delicious and they were unexpectedly drunk - I was so proud!

Anecdote: In the morning, Brian and I went out, did the grocery shopping, then stopped at Wawa for mixers and because Brian was really hungry. We ate our sammiches in the car outside the liquor store and then I locked my fucking keys in the car...So instead of calling AAA, Brian was like "Well my cousin Kate is driving down, so she can just pick Stephen up and drive the keys down to us." So we wait and wait and we're wondering why it's taking so long for Kate to get to 1722 from 15th and Bainbridge. Then Stephen calls and says "Well she's here, but she doesn't have a car. She took the bus in." And then Brian was like "Oh. right." So we called AAA anyway. LOLZORZ.

The next Friday it was BEautiful out! So me n Ste n Sofie and Brian went to Ocean City. We chilled on the beach, me and Brian built a giant turtle sand sculpture, and then we went to this restaurant and speculated that our waitress, "Currie," was on coke.

Anyway, I've had an eventful few weeks I guess! Sorry again for not posting. Dude, hitting on your boss? 2 thoughts:

1. The MAC machine is BACK!!!
2. Dear god don't sleep with your boss.

Watch out for the other facebook chick, but you know at least she seems to be out or whatever...Always wishing you safety and good luck, lucky child; you've only been home a few months so my advice would be take it easy and don't jump the gun on the hooking up with people anyway...give things time and let them develop and you will know what you should do.

Brotherly Love,