Saturday, April 5, 2008

The off party


Sorry to hear about the financial aid... there are other ways to get money from Temple or government no?? One thing I learned when getting a job is, you have to do everything now. The moment you remember you gta do it. Can't sit around and wait till last minute like I used to with my assignments. Professors will wait... lol. But we pay them for their knowledge. Anyways, jobs don't wait around for you. They will take the next best person whoever came first. Like "The Tortoise and the Hare."

So yesterday I had an orientation for Saturday School, where we just get ready for when the kids come back nex wk. Afterwards, I went to an "off party" by myself eeeeeeeeeee!!! Rememba I told you I met some lesbians online? Well this one woman organized a party at a izakaya(something like Kenka). It was a 90min all u can drink course with food for 3000yen (which is like $30). I was so nervous coz many people knew each other from the last "off party"... I just sat next to this lady who was sitting by herself (also I saw that she had her cig out so I just wanted to make it a smoking corner lol). The organizer was gorgeous lol! She was young like 27, and hyper-fem like she was wearing a black dress and her hair was all curly sort of like girls you see in magazines. There were like 20 people (many couples too) and everyone was friendly outgoing people!! The lady who also came by herself was 37yrs old and when she found out I was 23 she was so surprised, and said, "If I was 10yrs younger!!" hahaha.

Another woman on my right was also like 32 and she definitely was interested in talking to me, but she was with her girlfriend. They were both cute fem. Anyways she was asking me a buncha questions and I told her I was in Philly for a while then we got to talk about GIA etc... and celebrities we like. She asked me, "So are you looking for a girlfriend now??" ... "Umm, not really.. I just came back, was busy looking for a job, and am just starting on Monday. I just wanted to meet Japanese lesbians, and experience the night life etc." Then she put more beer in my glass, "So, do you only like white girls?" I was like absolutely NOT!! and I said, " I'm looking for someone like Aya Sugimoto... like when I'm walkin' around the streets I'm looking for Aya but it's hard to find someone like her right?" lol. Then everyone was like, "wow!! you can go for someone that much older than you? so you like the erotic type." I was like I mean age don't matter, matter of fact I am attracted to someone whose settled down, have experienced the working world, and is confident with themselves. Not some young chic who is a ball-of-insecurities. Aya Sugimoto is an actress, dancer, writer, and many more. She's written a book on Beauty, and Eros, erotic novels...her sales point is eros, and she'll be 40 this year but she is like fuckin gorgeous inside out. I'll post her picture for your reference lol. So seriously I'm lookin for someone like her lol. Someone who will teach me lots;)
To conclude, I'm glad I went! Now that I know some people, I will have lots to explore once I get paid!!! lol. Yo... so I'll be working mon-fri 9-6! can you believe it?? but my bosses said, everyone usually gets there 8:30 or before to get an early start and they never actually get to leave at 6 lol! Although, they are really trying hard to get things done by 6, they usually get out sometime b/w 7~8. So they are freakin busy, but I'm so excited about it!!! lol. Oh well, I'm not getting paid by the hour... so there's no harm lol.
There's a girl party "Ladykiller" tonight... Also Rihanna is performing in Osaka...I won't be going coz I gta wake up at 5:30 on Monday lol. Maybe next month because we have a 5day wkend in the beginning of May nationally called Golden Week. Japan has lots a national holiday:)
That's all for now:) Did you have Kim's b-day already??
Always wanna hear bout you bro.
Japan is beautiful white-pink everywhere right now with all the cherry blossom trees fully blossoming!!!

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