Friday, April 11, 2008



I can only assume at this juncture that you are being a blog slacker because of work/extenuating circumstances. But now that you have, like, an insurance cubicle or whatever it's almost required that you goof off online (read: BLOG) for at least 5 hours of any 8 hour work day. Need I remind you about the time when Chandler opened up an email that said "Nude Pictures of Anna Kournikova," thus releasing a virus into Ross' computer that made everything go black, and losing his keynote speech for the paleontology conference?

Rachel: Oh, this happens to my computer at work all the time.
Ross: Really? What do you do?
Rachel: Well, I usually just go play Tetris on someone else's computer for a while.

See? Even FRIENDS knows that corporate work dynamics require a lot of employee downtime. It's like when Dilbert realized that because he was salaried, his pay was not tied to his work performance, and he kept showing the other employees that he was just twiddling his thumbs.

Dilbert: Do you realize what this means???
Wally: You're getting paid for that!

Anyway, I could drop a steaming load of pop culture references on you, but that would be egregious as the main point I'm trying to drive home is: blog, motherfucker!

Yesterday Stephen and Jessye and I sparkled and drove out to Valley Green which was really quite beautiful but was also crowded because the weather was gorgeous, and apparently it's not too early to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. We listened to Jessye's emo music in the car, and my toe got mutilated by a chunk of glass that somehow found it's way into my sock. Interesting.

Tomorrow is Kim's party; right now I think we're looking at a weather-related postponement of the play performance, and just having the party here at 1722. Well I'll let you know.

I hope my ranting has in some way inspired you (JK),


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