Tuesday, April 8, 2008

spitting pudding is hard...


Well I'm in a better place mentally than I was at last post. You know how I adapt and how fast I can get back to being apathetic! I'm meeting with Drake tomorrow to discuss options...who knows? maybe she'll be able to pull some strings for me or at least make some useful suggestions. Though, honestly, I've had a moment to get used to the fact that maybe now is just the time when I start working for the rest of my life? I don't see any reason why I couldn't be happy just finding a job that pays for the bills and my various habits. It's like Loverboy said: "Everybody's working for the weekend" anyway, right?

Haha, I mean insurance is not your future career choice, right? But who knows? Maybe you'll find it tolerable enough and just do it because you can for who knows how long. One thing's for sure, as you said, something needs to change. Maybe when I get a job I'll be able to write again. Procrastination is, after all, the best medicine for writing.

I'm stoked you found a dyke community in Osaka! It must feel good to have been able to connect, especially since whenever I used to talk to you about it you always seemed convinced you wouldn't be able to find a QC in the land of the rising sun...I'm also glad you're finally embracing your "hot mom" leanings! Haha! I think it's clear you needed some sort of change in direction in that respect...maybe you'll find yourself a hot sugar mama and be able to retire early!

Today I bled for science again, and we were switching gears from taste tests to texture, so I was tasting all this milk, pudding and creamy tomato soup. And for the purposes of the test you can't swallow anything, so you taste it, spit it in the sink, and rinse. And let me tell you: pudding? Not as easy to spit as one might think. And the woman I've been testing with is leaving next week to attend her sister's wedding in Peru (where she's from), so I won't see her anymore...I'm a little sad. Although at times it was torturous, I came to enjoy Tuesday mornings with Susanna Finkbeiner. She's just a funny little person. Today I had to wear a noseclip to block my sense of smell so I could focus on the textures, and her boss threw them out. Then she said "Well, some people like to take them home. You know, to show children why they should like their noses."

Oh, Susanna Finkbeiner. You will be missed.

So, the job search continues. A few of the trees here have little baby leaves on them...others have flowers. Some are just starting to bud, you know that little haze of green around the branches? Nothing as spectacular as the cherry blossoms, I'm sure, but it brings that little hope of spring, that things might soon take a turn. And then it can't be too long until summer comes again. April showers or whatever...


PS - Listening to Billy Joel. Do yourself a favor and download some. Especially "For the longest time."

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