Saturday, April 12, 2008


Unfortunately there is no downtime at work. Everyone is a hard worker, and there are many many things to get done. This ain't America bro. I mean if you had health insurance and filed a claim, wouldn't you want it to be processed quickly so you can get your money back? We have to processed claims, applications, and renewals etc. that comes into our office so we can wend it over to New Zealand for assessment etc. We are a really hard working team and we kick ass:) Customer service is superb in Japan... Also, the first three months is like a trial period for me and the company to see if we like eachother.

And I like my team so much, probably because they are hard workers but also just fun to be with. Like on Friday, (I've told you already) my boss popped open wine bottles at 4pm because it's Friday, and also sort of like a bonvoyage type a thing coz he's goin to the Dubai and UK offices for meetings.

Anyways, I just got back from Saturday School with the kids:) Still tryna negotiate a higher pay since I've graduated college and have worked many years with the summer program etc. The guy who manages the salary is new and doesn't speak much English so it's hard to convince a clueless person. The department coordinator and the program director supports me, but I actually gta talk to the general manager...which is difficult because he's never at his office lol. He's basically wackin off...neways enough bout that.

So I've practically ran the whole week. Just got up and went to work 6days straight...and am exhausted, but I feel great! I'm so stoked I get to sleep in tomorrow!!! I really want it to be the end of the month, and meet my first salary!!! lol.

How was your meeting w Drake? I am sure she had lots of good advices for you.

Your science experiments sound interesting! Hey, it's something to do and you're meeting people;)

The ladies at my work are awesome eye candies too lol. Now you can understand why I enjoy learning about insurance so much! hahaha. mmm all I have to say is, it's nice.The oldest lady, the one I met at the bar, said she's almost 40...just right lol. Anyways I gave her a quick back rub and she was like, "Let's do this everyday." I was like anytime lol. Anyways I'm the youngest so they tease me a lot, and I kinda enjoy that.

Man, I'm always talking about work coz that's really all I did this week... but once I get used to it and actually get my salary, I'll make sure I get a life hahaha:)

Let me know how Kim's b-day went!!!


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