Friday, April 4, 2008



hahahaha I am amused by my title. I miss you too, bro! If you were in the states we would totally be playing Rock Band instead of karaoke (loves it!)...And big fat congrats on the job! It sounds like even if you don't like the work exactly, you'll be fine there, I've worked some SHITTY fucking jobs in my time and in my experience enjoying your job is really more about the people you work with. So to conclude, you rock and good luck not that you need it.

Not much is new here, I contacted the temp agency to let them know I was available, but I've heard nothing back. Nada nada nada. I ended up parting from PW on decent terms, my boss wished me luck and said to contact her if I ever need anything, and the receptionist I chat with whenever I am in offered to give me a good recommendation, so I still have to email her...

Fine fine, everything's fine...all I've done since leaving PW is sit in my room and watch movies with Ste and Zayne. I've seen some really good ones, at least...and I started reading Junot Diaz's "Drown" that Emilia lent me...I needed something besides David Sedaris to read before I go to sleep, and Junot Diaz is kind of similar memoir-y type stuff, only hella grittier and more cynical, which is perfect for me! Like, where David Sedaris might be talking about his hellish French teacher who lampoons everyone in her class, Junot Diaz is talking about him and his older brother as kids taking a bus through the DR to beat the crap out of this kid whose face got eaten off by a pig when he was a baby. You know, slight differences...

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S said...

I love that story about the French class. Isn't it the Moroccan woman that thinks she's the shit?

That's me, in like... every class I've ever taken except math-related ones.