Wednesday, March 19, 2008

feeling, timing, and happening


Before I forget, I loved your article!! And I have ordered Stranger in a Strange Land, in Japanese translation. I wonder why they didn't have it at the store, it is a small bookstore in Takarazuka. There's a huge one in Osaka, but it's so freakin huge I always get lost when I go in there lol! Like I can't find my way out coz there are so many isles and people.

Ahahaha, yeah Eriko is the girl I had a thing for once upon a time... you know there's 1) feeling-you feel a spark or whatever, and 2) timing- there's such thing as a good timing to like someone, then there's 3) happening- some kinda event that inevitably brings two people closer. This was all out of order and it was all working against me whenever I was tryna... y'kno... with her. And she was this confused young soul... imagine her all grown up now...of course she's fuckin attractive!!! Whoever ends up w her is one lucky biatch lol! She's got this beautiful glow that makes you happy just being around her. I'm grateful we're still close coz it's just so comforting, and I enjoy watching her grow into a beautiful individual. (I know its corny... but I hope I don't sound like some creep... oh well!!) And now that she's going to school in Tokyo, I have a gay contact there to show me the night life!!

Great news about CC of A!!! Congrats!!!! even if you choose not to go, it's fuckin awesome that you have options isn't it?! Be proud and celebrate!!! it's an accomplishment:) We are so privileged to have options, and are given the chance to choose our paths. That's why we can never stop trying. I mean even if we have to send out 500 resumes... it's for living our lives the way we want to.

If you do move out to the Bay, I will definitely visit!!!! You do owe me a road-fuckin-trip!!! Once I have an income, I'm gna send myself to driving school. That's in my list of things I want to do.

London sounds like a great place to be. I hear you about feeling at home, "but with so much to explore." That's exactly how I feel right now. I loved Philly and I did feel at home and I miss it... but to be honest there's not much to explore... in my opinion. I guess if you had money, you could go to NY or AC every weekend etc.... There's just so many little things to do, and see here. I don't know... maybe it was the college life... Nevertheless! I love Philly!!! Good fuckin times!!!

Good luck on your interviews!!! I'm sure you'll do fine:) It's all about feelin it!!! hahaha


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