Monday, March 31, 2008

I've expereinced 'eyes turned black and hair on fire'


That really sux about ur PW boss. Did u talk to her when u went in? I'm happy for u that u don't have to deal w the lack of acknowledgement there anymore.

Man! Kim's birthday sounds awesome!! I woulda loved to act in Midsummer Night's Dream!! I'm missin' out so much!!! Although, u guys are so missin' out on the cherry blossoms. I told u about our culture of "hanami"(translates: flower watching) re:sitting under cherry blossoms and drinking/bbqing.

So updating u on my job front... I went in for an interview on friday. First of all the interviewer was out of her mind stuck up. Second of all her questions were useless. Third of all I just zoned out coz I could not be less enthused about working in an environment w someone like her. I knew right away that as prestigious as it may be to be able to say I work for them, it's not worth coming in everyday if I don't like the environment. She asked me, "At our company we provide top class service. That means you will have to look very nice everyday and always have a smile on your face. How do you feel about dressing nicely everyday and putting make up on?" ... ummm I'm wearing a skirt suit and I'm wearing fuckin make up on my face what do u think? it's work... how dumb do i look? Also she asked, "If you are appointed as office assistant, you will have to make sure all the meeting rooms are dust-free clean. How do you feel about that? Do you think you can do it?" Then my eyes turned black and my hair caught on fire... lol. I looked at her in disbelief thinking, lady u said u need someone with English skills...if u need someone to just clean and look pretty go fuck urself. I looked straight at her and said, "I will do my job professionally whatever it is." The funniest thing is she and this other lady interviewed me in Japanese only.

So I left their office in the hilton building to have lunch w my dad. I decided that the insurance company would be a better match for me. I had a work lunch with the sports department people on saturday, and they all told me insurance company will wear me out. I think working at any company will wear me out... the important thing for me right now is having bosses that I can be at ease with professionally. It's not gna last if I just choose a job for its prestige n hate the actual workin environment. So this week I'm going in to discuss my work position in greater detail. They said last week that they were lookin for a part timer and a full timer, but I figured it'll be a great opportunity for me even if I start as a part timer coz once I have a year of working experience, I can say I've worked for an insurance company:) at my next interview for other jobs lol.

I also went Hanami on saturday after the lunch. There were maybe 3 buds blossoming lol! But there were like 20 people bbqing and drinking, so much fun!! It was in Rokko Island, which is a man-maid island in Kobe and for some reason a lot of foreigners live on the island. Probably because there's a huge american school there called Canadian Academy:) lol. They were our rival. Next weekend will probably be the best for cherry blossom watching.

Damn! Zayne's already about to leave? So ur gna keep the house if u get another roommate to sign the lease?? that's awesome, i hope u guys will keep the house so i can visit:) i really love 1722. I've moved around in philly but that was my favorite place.

So I'm reading Stranger now. When I went to pick it up from the store, I was like Eh???! coz i'ts like 700pages long. they got me the uncut version...may take me months to finish lol.

I hope Z or S is home by now to ease u out of existential breakdown.

"All things fall and are built again
And those that build them again are gay."


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