Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 25, Tuesday


When I first read your title I was like, "Oh oh! Did A just take some shroomz? Hope she had a good trip." Lol. I know how you must feel about money situation... remember I was stressed out about that too? It's wonderful that you have friends, and it's not like you're gna mooch off of them forever. You'll get a chance to give back. I think that's the best source of motivation. You're not only working your ass off for yourself, but also to give back to the people who helped you. It's a great feeling, appreciation. It'll get you through the tough times re:slow computers n Jackal. hahaha. I remember you bought me drinks when I really had no money, and you've always helped me out so much! The day that I will be able to give back to you is not far:) Good friends are my treasure, whose memories are the only thing I wish to take with me eternally beyond this life.

So Tuesday was a real happening day for me man! After I finished posting and got ready to head out the door, I received a phone call from my Saturday School Boss. Remember the Summer program I worked for? The same boss, he's the coordinator of sports department. It is now official that I'll be working for the sports department again starting April(new school year)!!! Which means that if I get a full time job (Mon-Fri), I'll be working 6days a week but Sat. School is more like a hobby! I have fun with kids, and get to play sports, and get paid! Sweet:)

When I got to the insurance company, they put me in their nice meeting room. The Canadian guy and the Japanese lady sat across from me, and in my head, "Is this going to be an interview?" Anyways I had my resume so they took a look at it, and started asking me questions. It was very casual tho. So we talked for like 2 hours about what kind of work they do, and what kind of work I've done. They especially liked what I had to say about working at Paley Library! lol. Crazy demanding patrons of Paley Library re:professors with stick up their asses. They said they get crazy phone calls from upset customers who don't know what their insurance covers and what not. I think I can handle that. Then they asked me if I applied for other companies, and I told them I had just applied for one recently. I was waiting to hear back from them. They said they would like to have me on board, but also said there is no hard feeling if I chose to go to the other company. So I left saying I would inform them after I finish the interview with the other company.

This other company is an Australian company that provides top class business offices & service. I've been there once when I went to see a career consultant I met at the first business event I attended. His company is based in Tokyo so they rent an office from this Aus. company to expand their business in Osaka. (I hope I'm painting a good picture for you of what it is.)

Anyways, when I left the insurance company I had a voicemail from the Aus. company saying they'd like to schedule a date for an interview. I was so excited just coming out of a 2 hour interview! So I have another one tomorrow!! The lady on the phone said to bring writing utensils so I assume there's going to be some kinda test as well. So hopefully I'll know which company I will be working for in the next couple of weeks. April is the beginning of new school/work year so it's exciting. I didn't imagine I'd be fortunate enough to start work this year with no experience in the 'real world'. I'm just keeping up with a mindset of keep looking for opportunities and keep trying.

Perhaps this blog is my lucky charm!! I think it would have been boring for me to just do it on my own. This is so much more interesting blogging with you!!! Like I said to my friend's big sister when she said she wants to research about sexuality, "That's so awesome! We should write a book together!! We can collaborate. Life is collaboration!!" Thank you Bito for coming up with this genius idea (and remembering that I said I wanted to blog:)!!!!!!!

Let me know about your mission re:job hunt. Don't be tense about working... you never know if you like it or not until you've tried (just like the cuisines you've tried in the past year). Don't think you always look surly... remember you can be whatever you make yourself to be. I know that first hand! In my case, it went in the negative direction in Philly. Being in a foreign soil, I thought everyone was out to deceive me or hurt me... so I had to keep my guards up (which made me extrememly sensitive to every little damn shit), but that's extremely exhausting and I fell apart. You can be confident that you're a friendly out going person (have many great people around you), and you're smart so you're able to do anything you set your mind to.

Gta take whatever life has to offer you!!

Always taking it to the next level,


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Congrats, K on the job front!