Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I got the best dope


That doesn't sound like you man!! Even if your day to day aren't eventful, I'm sure there are lots of entertaining juices in ur head! Once you think you're bored, it's the end... gots to pick yourself up and do something. Maybe you should consider detox... ? (jk)

Yo don't hate me, but I'm not the slightest bit jealous about the ounce... I actually don't miss mota. I miss the good times, chillaxin' with good people. But without the people, the shit is nothing memorable... you get me?

What's new with me? I've started Boot Camp exercise... haha! I felt like my arms were getting softer, and I wasn't even gaining weight coz I didn't have much of an appetite. So just for fun, I started the Boot Camp training and holly shit, my appetite is like whoa! Most of all, my thighs are like back in the day when I played soccer softball and basketball... So I'm thinking of switching to yoga... lol coz I don't need huge muscles like they won't fit in my new suits that I bought when I was real puny re:skiniest I've ever been in my life. Naomi said I look tired and sick...

I had this fear of aging... its so weird. I've always felt like I was still a teenager physically, but feeling my arms and thighs was a wake up call. So I'm wakin' my muscles up, and it's wonderful coz I feel fucking amazing! Like mind and body. Adrenaline is the best dope fo sho.

There's nothing big goin' on right now, but it's the little details I appreciate. And I have so much to tell you!! But I also have so much to get done...
Hey, does your skype work?? I have skype so we should arrange a time to chat for free!!! OK? it's easy.

Oh! Naomi was reading this book written by her prof, and I was just looking at it and the shit was so interesting. And it's not translated into English!!! So Naomi's going to talk to him, and I might be able to work on it!!! First I gta gather some money to go to Tokyo and actually meet him. He sounds like an awesome prof. Naomi is like my angel, it is so weird. Whenever we are together, good news keep coming. Yo it's like I was right the first time I ever saw her, I still remember vividly, our eyes met from across the hall and I knew I had to talk to her.

I can't explain well, but I feel like my instincts are sharper now that I dont smoke or drink much... and I'm so happy I'm off the antidepressant!!!

I gta jet... but don't get lazy on me bro!!!


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