Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stuck with an English degree...


Before I forget, I wanna say, Zayne is a stupid bitch (with Chinese accent and with lots of love). That cold lasted me a while too. I'm still not feeling at my best around my sinuses/ respitory functions. At least I'm not waking up in the middle of the night soakin' wet in my sweat.

So, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do... and because my father's connections are all business people, I'm researching companies and what departments might fit my personality. I am definitely not a sales person. Would you agree? I mean I don't see myself in sales... I think I'd be better at analyzing something... like consumer and marketing. As someone who knows me quite well, if you had to place me in a company... where would you place me?

... this is what I've been busy thinking- fun fun.

Damn right, fuck Tricia. She is not a fair teacher. Someone in the position of teaching at a university ought to reflect carefully on what messages she's sending out.

1722 is like the castle of At least you don't have to deal with shady roommate re:Cheryl. At least you know what's up with Ste's situation and there are room to work things out. Sorry about the PECO bill... I don't understand why anybody will just send a bill that big without warning. I guess it's a dirty world.

Man, I was just looking at the website for United Nations and remembered why I thought of majoring in Political Science my first year. First of all they require master's degree, and in their very narrow window for people with ONLY B.A. they require you have a degree in areas like finance, human rights, statistics, IT, political affairs etc. lol I'm bored. It's like everyone telling me B.A. in English is like no degree. I'll show them mother fuckers lol. I am Lucky Child :)

Ok, I had finished writing but the site failed me when I tried to post... at least I had most of it saved lol. So help me out on what you think I'd be good at... what do you think is my strenght?

Struggling to face professional barriers-



Zayne Amer said...

I am SO not a bitch because Allyn gave it back to me and now I"m dying again.

Lucky Bito said...

ONe word Zayne...Karma lol