Friday, February 15, 2008

Far away from city lights, only mountains in my sight


The way you began your entry made me concerned... but your sentenses gave me laughter. You need to know that I feel pressured right now lol. I'm not as good of a writer as you are, and I'm not sure if I could live up to the comedian expectation of my land :( Well, I hope I get better at it.

I haven't left my parents house so much either. So far, just once I went shopping with my ma for formal clothing. I had 90,000yen left from summer...spent 40,000 on a pair of suits, extra pants, and a pair of dress shoes. I better get a great job!! Anyways, I don't feel so bad about staying's freakin' cold. Snow storm and everything. My plan is, I'm not going out until it's spring:) My schedule next week is go get my hair cut on the 19th, and I have a presentation to attend on the 20th. (The professor I told you about.) I'm enjoying my loose schedule, catching up on the Japanese pop culture. My parents asked, "Have you not been watching TV at all in Philly or something?" ..."That's right. There was 'Friends' and then 'Friends' and then 'Friends.'"

I saw one episode of 'Friends' since I've been back. "The one where Ross is fine." I assume you've finished the final season? How did you like it??

BTW, the boss has finally made a good call:) I don't know why she waited until now... but fridays are never meant for work in my opinion.

I miss our experiment days. Three worriors, just pushing thru for the sake of finding out what's beyond the cloud. I hope you found something valuable. I can't even express in words, you know I was enlightened.

So I have a story you might appreciate. Some famous person was apologizing for their son's possession of Marijuana. A gram of Marijuana. I say, that's stupid. Then my ma started telling me about her friend's husband who bought seeds and planted them in the mountains somewhere. He had bought the seeds online. Addicted to internet and growing weed. He would have fights with his daughter, 24years old, over the computer and would not step back. Finally the 24 year old who works as a companion flipped out and went to the police. When the police came to investigate, he could've just told them he had a small plant back yard but he was so paranoid he told them everything about the ones in the mountain... in the end he lost his job, his house, and now he's in jail. His wife told my ma that out of all the years she's been married to him this is the incident that made her realize the most how stupid her housband is. I went to elementary school with the 24 year old... chicks, man, they craaazy. Anyways I thought that was a funny story... what do you think?


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