Sunday, February 17, 2008



I've waited until Sunday morning to post so that I would be able to tell you about everything that would happen over the weekend. It was a hectic one, but I pushed'd be proud of me, as a warrior, and the amount of things I got done and the amount of booze I drank!

After I posted on Friday, Kim and I attended the Angela Davis talk at Penn...more like we bumrushed the Angela Davis talk. They kept changing the event location because there were so many people trying to get in...well I don't know what they expected.

(I hope they don't accept me. I can't go back. I can't go back.)

We ended up there with Jake and Tess and bex and of all people Karl...with whom I was totally unimpressed. But it was funny to watch Tricia squirming with discomfort whenever their baby made a tiny peep at the talk! We had been standing in the front of the line, then everyone mysteriously moved to a side entrance and we ended up in the back of the line...then we got tipped off that the talk was moving to a nearby building. I said something dramatic like "Once we start moving, everyone is going to follow. We need to run."

So we did, and started a stampede, and ended up with good seats. They had to kick a lot of people out of the talk because the building manager was bitching about a fire hazard. The event organizer was asking people to leave and she said "Please ask yourselves, what would Angela do?"

And Jake just starts screaming "Not move! Not move! Sit-in! The revolution will not have fire marshalls!!!"

Kai was there with Topanga. I think I was probably in 6th grade the last time someone ignored my presence so completely! Afterwards we went to MadMex for the $6 huge margarita special and I downed like four of them. It was pretty spectacular.

Yesterday (Saturday) Kim and I had a long to-do list, and we got it all accomplished all the while getting progressively drunker. We started out at her friend Talia's party at 12th and Pine, then walked to South Street and joined my Aunt's pub crawl for a an hour and a half. I drank vodka tonics and once someone just handed me a margarita. It was glorious. It was like it appeared out of thin air.

Then we took a cab to 21st and Pine to Kim's friend Liz's house. (I met Liz when she and Kim had an unexpected reunion on the Atlanta subway. Several nights of drinking followed.) She had like a vat of guacamole, cheeses, freshly smoked salmon, and white wine that kept on flowing. She's living in this enormous house rent-free because her friends parents died and they needed a tenant at the house for insurance purposes. Crazy. Then some more people showed up with Jambalaya, fried plantains and some baked salmon that was DE-LI-CIOUS.

Oh, god. And then there was FUSE.

Me, Kim, and Zayne met Rachel there and Szophey followed close behind with Priscilla, who I'd never met before. The new venue is like a BILLION times better than Sal's. The music was predictably mediocre (how's that DJing coming?) but the crowd was really energetic and we danced our asses off. We ran into Corrinne and Mehmet and Kistine and also Meredith (remember, that baby dyke that Abby was dragging around once upon a time?).

That brings us to now. Half hung-over, half still-drunk, sore, apparently quite red in the face for some reason, and feeling like I made the absolute most of this goddamn weekend. I wish you'd been here, soldier, and there were several personal requests for your impossible presence.

To recap the night in a quote: "Oh FUCK this is so much fun!" ~Szophey

Oof. I did watch the tenth season, predictably with 24 hours after I purchased it. I'm re-watching it now to more fully absorb the events and then I'll render an opinion. You know how I'm resistant to change!

When you say you're getting a haircut, I imagine the great Keiko fauxhawk back in action, but that's probably not the plan, huh?


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