Monday, February 25, 2008

the damp lung


Apologies for the lack of posts this past week...I had a really intense one, kept meaning to post but didn't. But I'm so glad you did! Your post made me laugh instead of coughing, which is what I've been doing lately...

Tuesday I had a total meltdown re: finances. I had to front Stephen rent money this month owing to his lack of funds, and not having received a check from the airport yet. After I dropped off the check at the landlord's office, it just dawned on me that I had about $20 left in my account, and no prospects of making more. When I got home and found the PECO bill was almost $400 because they took me off budget billing after I didn't send in the check last month, I curled up in the fetal position in my green chair with Indestructo and punched some walls for a little while.

Sigh...and Ste was in a mood because he got rejected from Berkeley and we were not in great positions to be strong for each other. But now we're working on paying the bills, as he gets his checks and a fat refund from the government, and he's applying to Temple's Masters of Education program for the fall, and I think we're gonna pull through with a little patience and willpower.

I read a book called Earth Abides, a Robinson Crusoe-like novel about humanity being almost completely wiped out by a plague and how one of the survivors gets along. About 1/3 of the way through the book I started to feel like when the book ended, my life was also going to end... it was that kind of epic. It was pretty awesome.

About the time I finished it, I got sick again, I think it's the same cold we all got from Zayne, but it's back with a motherfucking vengeance. It went from sinus headaches and fatigue to the fucking damp lung or some shit where I wake up at night barely able to breathe. Woo-hoo*coughcoughcoughhack*!

I'm glad to hear yo've found some source of livelihood and the thought of puf puf in the snowy mountains is just too amazing...maybe someday when I visit, we get a bottle of that champagne and do those mountains up Philly style!

And speaking of Philly style I heard this morning that somewhere in the city some teenager threw a snowball at this guy and it hit him in the the guy went home to get a gun and shot the kid. Gotta feel that brotherly love!

So that's been my week, relatively uneventful, but as always, momentous...socially it's been a pain in the ass because everyone's back in school and school's in full swing, and you're not even gonna be here come warm weather to cut class and smoke on the roof with me! Puta.

Powering through in Philly,


PS - Yes, it's my queer theory article! (read: In your face, Tricia! B-fucking-plus, my ass. Suck on that!) And they're paying me $50. A pittance, maybe, but I'm getting paid to write and that's new. Livin the dream. Ignore those people who want you to know what you want. It's unreasonable, I say. PEACE!

PPS - Just read that that teenager who got shot over the snowball died.


S said...

Sorry about the rejection. All the more reason to join me in my socialist utopia.

I had a great iron lung picture to post here, but this thing won't let me. There's a reason I hate Blogger.

Zayne Amer said...

You gave me back the damp lung, you bitch. I told you you would.

Stevyn said...

And now I have it, you bitches!