Tuesday, February 19, 2008

piece of me...


U make me laugh everytime!!! I wish I was at the talk running around Penn's campus with you...

So I think Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" is fuckin hot... is that wrong? Her music video looks hot too... it just made me wanna start dancin dirty at a club. is that wrong? I just haven't been socializing much since I got back, I'm really confused that Spears is hot to me lol.

Your weekend sounds awesome! I am infinitely proud of you:) I haven't drank a sip of alcohol since Chicago airport. hahaha it was pretty funny on the flight to Chicago, I was a mess. I was fuckin out of my mind pissed that when I got to the luggage check-in, lady told me I was only allowed to check in 2 bags. I went thru security, I noticed I was missing my laptop, and flipped the fuck out. I was so sure that I had just left it at the counter or something. (I mean, I almost left my backpack there if it wasn't for Rachel.)

So, I was crying my (already) 'red' eyes out on the plane... thinking I lost my laptop (with naked pictures of myself n stuff) somewhere ... then I passed the fuck out. When I was conscious again, I was in Chicago. The first thing I did was tried calling Rachel's cell from a public phone, but the stupid thing just ate my 50 cents. Looked around and just sat my ass at a bar with a chick bar tender. I said, maybe she'll let me use her phone;) Had Jim Beam n Coke. She was nice, we talked about how she loves dancing and getting a massage. Didn't catch her name, but she's from Equador.

There was another guy at the bar, a Brittish business man, Sam. He had a laptop and a cell... he was really nice... but he was so nice I didn't know when to ask him if I could borrow his cell for a sec. lol I ordered a beer and just enjoyed the company. I said, screw my laptop, Jessye probably had it with her and forgot... lol And then my next 13 hour flight was hell. I was definitely spreading my germs all over the plane... thanks so Zayne ;)

I got a hair cut!! finally!!! I feel hairless, but it's not a hawk fo sho. Sorry man. If I tried hard, knowing my hair, I'm sure it'll stand up tho;) Big day tomorrow... I'm nervous. Gotta make lots of good impressions.

I'm sad coz I finally got rid of my cold and I have no one to play with. I finally got in touch with my friends here, and they're all in Tokyo lol. But my soulmate Naomi is gna be in town soon, so I'm psyched about that... oh actually I should call my coworkers at my summer job... if I wana risk sexual harrassment I guess...lol


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