Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wishing up on a full moon


I miss your words. I've had quite a week myself so I want to update you before I forget it. I wish I could post pictures... but unfortunately I left the cord to transport pictures from my digital camera to my computer at 1722... Could you let me know if you or Stephen has seen it? I think it was still in one of the drawers in my room when I left.

So I went to the professor's, Garr Reynolds, presentation. I met many business executives, and some of his international students. They were from all over... like Thailand, Uganda, Switzerland. Afterwards we had all you can eat and drink at the Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel's Sports Bar. It was so interesting because the crowd was much older than what I'm used to:) haha And everyone I met asked me what I wanted to do... where I am headed now that I've graduated lol. Pressures. It was like a 'collecting business cards' party lol. It's intimidating, but it's exciting to meet so many successful people.

I noticed that my answer to the question what I want to do was very vague since I really don't have a clue. But the Uganda student, Isha, kept pushing me like "But you must have something you're itching to do." In my mind I was like, "yeah... I just want money." From my mouth, I started talking about I'm interested in design etc... iiishk... He told me "It's all about selling yourself, making yourself look valuable even though you might just be smoking a blunt." And he was my favorite person of the night!! hahaha

Hopefully I will make more connections, as I meet more people. I have a meeting tomorrow with a career consultant I met at the event. Wish me luck...

Meanwhile, I had contacted my summer job since they have Saturday School program and got a job as a substitute right away! So Saturday I worked with little kids again, and was surprised to see so many familiar faces from summer school. I was sad that my close friends were in Tokyo, but I actually know many people here lol. I have so much catching up to do.

After the Saturday School I traveled to Kyoto to reunite with my friend Naomi. She's taking a year off from grad school and just got back from Tokyo for couple weeks to see her mom. We had a feast with some of her friends and her mom's friend. OMG, I had champaigne like I've never tasted before!! It's made in Kyoto and it was so rich and delicious. I thought of you... and wish that you could taste it someday. They don't sell it anywhere else.

It was snowing in Kyoto the whole weekend, so I was stuck there and had plenty of time to catch up with her. When I visited her in the summer, her dog was so sick it was so painful to see him... he was skin and bones. But when I saw him this time he's all better, and he had puppies!!! She told me that she prayed to a full moon one night to let him go if it is his time to go, or if there is something he still wants to do, to let him recover and live. Then when he got better, she had a phone call from her uncle that his dog is pregnant and the father is her dog, Akabe... lol! She suspects that he got sick coz he had sex w a young dog! Funniest thing I've ever heard!!!

So we went walking the dogs in the snow covered Kyoto mountain... it was so beautiful, and you know what would have been perfect there? I don't event have to say it:) puf puf

What's up with Philly and 1722?? Are you excited about being published?? Is it the Queer Theory paper?

Rise up good spirits-


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