Saturday, September 26, 2009

But I feel alive and I feel it in me up and up I keep on climing higher and higher and higher

A, bro, you know exactly how to make me laugh! I'm just out the boxing gym on my way home. It's 10pm and I'm beat sitting on the 60min train ride in my gym wear. I printed your post at work. This is the best kind of reading:)

I'm just seeing your horrified face reading about the hysterical date that I recently had. Haha! ya I'm glad I know the woman crazy right off the bat. The more I think of it, she made it real easy for me to quickly spit it all out before tasting anything more. I'm kinda grateful for the e-mail lol. Maybe coz I know I'm right. Thanks for your affirmation.

The good old Dalahk... I remember hugging you and hanging onto you like a dangling ear ring. I remember Jessye doing bridges and throwing a beer bottle and hitting some guy's car. Good fucking times. lol. On the downside I do remember feeling uneasy at Dalahk when Rachel was getting a fix of coca from some guy at the bathroom.

Ah Philly... the bittersweet.

Good to know West Philly and the things I'm fond of are still there. I remember waking up in West Philly many times... !! Many mornings on Jessye and Jess' old porch smoking cigarettes. I remember the coffee shop... was it called Satellite? I remember listening to the song Satellite in your car driving to West Philly in the morning to have coffee. Bumping into Corrine... I liked Corrine. I liked hanging out and getting stoned in West Philly. I liked the communal feeling.

As you might have sensed, I must admit that I still feel a stab right through my rib cage whenever I hear that name Rachel. I wish it would go away. My mind needs to reconstruct some memory associations. I am happy to hear she is well. It's the truth. The last I heard from her was when she left Cambodia and I don't know what she was going through but she did not sound happy, so no news is good news:)

Alyssa!!!!!!!!!! I did not see that coming at all! That Alyssa would be out in West Philly Dyke Dance Party!!! That is so awesome! And as much as I wish I was able to be out and about with you, I really wish I was there to party with Alyssa. It has been so long since I last saw her letting loose. Hahaha, I'm so glad you finally went out after not partying at all this summer!

What are Kim and Jessye up to these days besides West Philly Dake Dance Party? I really miss everyone and Philly man. Do you have any idea how much???? Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr. I miss you!

Hey man good to hear things are looking up there:) Keep it coming right?!?! I'm looking forward to hear about your full time position and just about your life man.

---That was from a scribble I did on the train home on Thursday. I read your Fall, 2008 letter Friday night and Kim is right in saying that we are all going to do something great with our lives.

Last weekend was a long weekend (5days holiday from Sat - Wed). I worked Sat, so mine was 4 days but still it was awesome! I had planned since last year that I'd use this holiday and my paid vacation to visit Philly... (it will happen soon enough!) If only things go as you plan... not always the truth.

Well a new plan was made short notice. Aki came over to Takarazuka!! She is working in Tokyo right now, so is everyone I know from school. Robin is also in Tokyo looking for work. I urged him to come with Aki but he needed to get ready for his trip to China. He has an interview and might start working there.

Aki came over Sunday night. I went to pick her up at the airport and we chilled at Takaraz. I had never explored around my neighborhood but there are cool places like bars and little restaurants. We had dinner at a River side Italian place then went to a Mexican Bar I found, then called it a night. On Monday I had planned to hook up with my friend Mie who I went to jr. high and high school with. If you remember Naoko who's also my high school mate who studied at Temple Main, she's close with both Aki and Mie and they all live in Tokyo. So Naoko has been wanting to get Aki and Mie to meet. So it was cool that it finally happened, and through me:) We went to Kobe Chinatown for lunch and pigged out. Then walked to the bay area and went on a little cruise around the bay. That was actually quite nice, it felt so good.

Yo I know my description doesn't sound so hot right now coz I'm thinking in Japanese in my head and it just doesn't feel natural. I usually think in English when I write English, but for some reason brain is on Japanese drive at the moment... okay well let's continue.

We walked around for ages around Kobe but still felt stuffed from lunch, so we kept walking and the girls wanted to look at clothes. Although we did spend the longest time in lingerie Mie kinda surprised me - I really liked her and got along with her for a long time but was never attracted to her before - I found her to be very attractive this time I met her. So strange, coz we know each other since we were little 14 year old brats. We are 25 now and I couldn't believe myself lol. Then I remembered about what you were saying about P and falling for the most convenient catch...

Well Mie left around 8 coz she had early appointment the next day. Aki and I continued to wander around Kobe some more. Still not hungry but tried to look for a good place to have dinner. I love walking around. That's how I got familiar with Philly... well Center City n the night life. I remember Heidi, Nygia, Devon girls would make fun of me walking all the time. To Sisters, back to Chinatown apartment. They said I was like an African Tribe person... lol

So we walked around Kobe and I loved it, but Aki probably thought can we not walk anymore?! We ended up in a small Korean restaurant which was very authentic. Had cold sweet Korean rice wine called Makkori served out of a kettle. It was so nice and easy to drink we had two kettles lol! On our way home, I kept having to wake Aki up to change trains lol, and when we finally got home she passed out on the floor in my room! I was like, alright Aki I let you take a nap while I jump in the shower and then you can freshen up with a shower too and we can have girl talk lol. But she never woke up really... she'd open her eyes when I talked to her and said she was getting up hahaha. She then said the ceiling was spinning. I gave her some water. Yo we gotta have some Makkori together man! hahaha. Then I smoked and watched TV, Rocky 2 was on so I was like damn that's Italian market!! and also passed out in front of the TV... when I woke up around 3am and went to bed, Aki was still in her jeans passed out. Gave her some abuse the next morning for being a bum lol! it was funny.

The next day Aki wanted to take a walk around my place. There's a river right along and rice fields and little farms up the mountain. You see now why my commute is like an hour and a half. It's really nice though, I have to admit. I've thought I want to move out and live in the city so many times, but I've also thought how glad I was to be living away from the city seeing so many little insects and creatures including geji. haha. In the summer a colorful lizard would surprise me by jumping out the bush when I'm walking to the station. See a river crab coming out and being run over by a bike leaving it's flat corpse on the little street.

So we walked around and Aki was picking up acorns off the ground and putting them in her pocket. Hahaha, she said they don't have them that big in Tokyo... (To be continued)

Hey Bro, I have more to write but it's getting late I need go to bed. Will update soon!

Love and Peace

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