Monday, October 5, 2009

And I keep on going...

Hey Bro, so it's been too long... you should post something! What's going on in Phila?

Today I officially moved over to Claims in the insurance co. Doing both claims and client services for a month was a proper headache. Oh and training a new person. Average working day was 10 - 11 hours, then box for hour and a half, then commute hour and a half back home. So today, on my first day as a claims person, I left right at 6pm coz I felt like I had finished my days' job. And went straight to the gym.

Did I tell you I quit cigs three weeks ago, coz it just did't fit with tryna eat healthy and train to build fitness lol. I couldn't throw punches for a round without having to catch my breath and I really wanna see myself go the whole three min without stopping at all. hahaha I must sound silly.

Today one of the trainers offered to do a "play" spar with me, I don't know what you call in English but it's where the trainer just play defense and I get to punch all I want lol. Not easy as it sounds because they are quick, and you get frustrated throwing empty punches lol. But, the guy today, he wasn't just playing defense, he threw punches too and I was like oh shit haha. At first I could't get him and he kept saying like I can punch his face lol. Then I got a clean hit in his rib, then the side of his face and I think I pissed him off lol. He started to throw punches non-stop lol! He wasn't serious so it was fun, but it's the craziest sport man. I caught several taps on my forehead and chin... I would have been fucked if we were serious. The pros are always bleeding when they spar, some intense shit.

After that I had to just punch the bag with full power till it felt like my arms were gna come off coz I had so much energy left. It felt great, I highly recommend you trying man.

I really feel great these days! Last friday, I went out with my colleague's husband who just had a baby, and his sister from Chicago. I told you I haven't been drinking so much lately, but that night would've out done a night out in Philly. Jager, and unstoppable Imo-jyochu (Japanese liguor made from sweet potato), and downing beer like water, singing karaoke, don't remember getting home, but still went to work the next day to teach swimming to kids! ZOMG! Without a hangover too!! I know my friend came to pick me up at karaoke and drove me home, but I don't remember gettin off the car. I remember taking off my clothes to sleep, and then waking myself up to get ready for school. I was so sleepy, and then later figured that my friend came to get me around 3am from my text msg so I only had couple hours sleep lol! First lesson in the morning, I felt disoriented but then I was like so energetic with the kids it was great! I of course skipped the gym, went straight home, and fell face first on my pillow.

Anyways, I wana know what's up with you bro. Brain is going to shut down in 15 mins.

Peace and Love


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