Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm rich, bitch!

Well, not really but I did get promoted to fucking FULL TIME today!! What?!? I'm finally at the place in my career that you were at more than a year ago - lol. So go me.

The promotion won't kick in till the end of the month, when we start running beta sites for our new Canadian markets. Yeah, "beta" meaning I get to report on Canadian traffic for a whole month before our clients start using the information. A whole month - no consequences. Which would be super-amazing if I really felt like there were ever any consequences for slacking off at this job (obvies not).

Plus my diet and increased physical activity goals are going well. I mean we're only a couple weeks in at this point, but it's longer than I've ever gone without giving up on this sort of thing in my life. I even got my ass on the exercise bike this morning BEFORE WORK. WHO AM I???

Haha, so needless to say I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. I was taking a cigarette break and thinking to myself "this time next year, I'm gonna be skinny and rich!" ...neither of which is really true of course, probably closer to "next time this year I'll be a curtain of sagging skin and won't default on my loans!"

But, you know, better than fat and poor! LOL. Tomorrow night I'm going to a queer dance party at Elena's bar at 49th and Baltimore. You know the story - same dykes, different day. But at least I'll be with my people and I'll get to dance. Did I mention I went the whole summer without getting crunk and dancing? WTF is that? Unacceptable is what. So tomorrow I party.

I'll post more after the weekend - about the party and whatnot - and also transcribe that old letter I wrote you last Thanksgiving (but never sent - my bad!).

-Don Bito

PS - I feel pretty over the whole P thing. I'm just going stir-crazy, sex-wise. Hardly a surprise. Glad to have you to vent with for 5 hours on FB chat!

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