Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Lil' Burned Out...


We definitely don't have anyone playing games on the computer... I mean I don't think it's just about nationality. I would think I'm allowed to goof around if I have the time. We just don't have enuf people. I even feel guilty to go to the bathroom or to take a drag on the balcony... this is how I think... I just went to the bathroom an hour ago so I'll wait another hour to smoke. lol. There was one other person who joined the company the same day I did... but she quit after a month. She couldn't blend in, is what I think why she left. But of course, she said health insurance is not the industry she wants to be in... So I was left to do all the work we have been sharing by myself! lol. Of course everyone else helped me out, but I also started to answer the phone calls and got access to company e-mails. It is interesting to talk to the customers... but at the same time, I forget the task at hand and get mixed up etc.

We should do the study anyhow!!! lol I am always up for experiments, getting to the truth, and proving a point!!! as u may already know;)

This might be interesting to know... we never goof off to play games but we do joke around all the time. Sometimes we get carried away, like laughin till I'm all tears n then have to answer the phone lol. So many sexual jokes too... I just wish u could c my work environment.

One time Sexy Mama came around my desk while I was speakin on the phone, and looking something up on computer and as soon as I felt she was in my zone I started sweating. She is the manager so she gta know how I'm doing etc. I think that's why she comes around sometimes, but every time she comes around I get really hot! So I told her, and she acted like she was hurt. The other two ladies came around my desk and it got cooler... I don't have an explanation but it's the truth. So I just say it's coz she's hot, n I feel like she comes around more often. lol. So we are hard workers but a buncha silly goof balls as well.

So it's Sunday, my only day off... I ain't even slightly Christian but oh well. Caught up on some TV shows... fuckin chillax, sleep!!! have a Kilkenny etc.

It's so funny when you're busy n working, more people want to meet you. But I can't be meeting up w friends everyday, so I've been tryna meet up w my friend Soo for like a month and we just can't find a time that's good for both of us. And we're in the same city! it's ridiculous.

But I just can't get myself to go out on Sunday... I need rest.

This other lady at work, let's call her kira (she looks like Kira Knightly if she was Japanese). So Kira works at a Foreigner's hang-out bar on Friday nights. We finished work relatively early last Friday so I hopped on the back of Sexy Mama's bicycle, and she peddled for a good 10 min. We had to stop when we hit rush hour of pedestrians. But thanks to idiot old man not watching where he's goin, we almost fell, which gave me a chance to catch her. lol!!! hahaha I am so sick minded!!! Seriously all the time I was on the back of her bike, I need to grab on to her... and smell her hair... and then hear her panting. Oh joyous torture... I know I'm sick... that's ok lol.

So we went to the bar Kira works at... n said we were gna just have a happy hour drink. but of course ended up stayin until Kira got off.

Oh and last Tuesday... I received a phone call from a customer and he wanted to talk to my boss (not Sexy Mama but the one who looks like my x bf lol!) but he's on a business trip (again). Then I realized I've spoken to the customer's wife so I tried my best to help him. I hung up the phone saying I will get the quotation for the plans he requested n fax it to him. And then I had troubles with the computers n how to use Excel... lol. I have a Mac n Windows on my desk n used it pretty much simultaneously... n since the Mac used to belong to my x-look-alike-boss, we share certain programs like word n excel coz it's licensed to him. Anyways it's boring so basically we have major computer issues. The lack of compatibility, I guess. We have brand new Macs to be set up so we wont have nemore compatibility issues... but the new Macs been sitting in the back of the conference room for a whole month. So really we don't have enuf people lol.

Anyhow, so I went to Sexy Mama coz I was having difficulties with excel... n then I learned there are different numbers to calculate. So when I noticed it was just me and Sexy mama in the office, everyone else had gone home. I really wanted to fax it to the guy that day, n Sexy Mama said she'd stay if I wanted to finish what I was doing. But I was too tired n confused about the calculation, I tried to do it but then thought that I was not able to concentrate under so much pressure... Sexy Mama finished her work n was waiting for me to finish... n then the thought of being alone w her in the office ... panick!!! lol. OMG am I pathetic or what?! lol

Last saturday I was in Kyoto with Naomi and telling her about work. I haven't seen her since I started the job so we had a lot to catch up. Anyways, she told me that she was so happy to hear my work place is enjoyable and that I sound optimistic and more like myself. I was telling her about Sexy Mama, and Naomi was like whao she must be enjoying all the attention especially if she's 38 n single. lol. I said I can so go out with some one 15 yrs older than me, it depends on the person. N then I told her... at Saturday School I have students like around 10 years old n I'm thinking she would grow up to be a beautiful lady... in 10 years she'll be 20 n I'll be 33. It's a possibility, I would go out w a 20 yr old when I'm over 30. Life is wonderful!!! She cracked up, n she was like that is so Keiko. That's why I love you.

So I have been checkin out cute girls...literally. But actually found a cute girl my age workin at Sat School. First I gta find out what her name is... lol!!!! I never paid attention coz I actually have to look at the kids... but she fainally caught my eye several weeks after school's started.

But yesterday I found out that my friend P (who is also a teacher at Sat School) used to be her English teacher... I'm guessin in highschool, but it could be Jr high. Jeez I hope she's not uber young lol. anywho... just a lil fun to look forward to on Saturdays.

I went to a Belly Dance Performance last night after school w P and D. My friend's sister has been doing belly dance for about 3 years now n they were having a huge show w live music!!! OMG the music reminded me of Mimi when we'd get high and she'd start dancing on the table! do you remember? that was super hot.... anyways, the show was awesome. Semi-naked girls dancing on stage... my friend P said she felt like she was watching soft porn lol!!! It was a weird feeling to see my friend's sister so sexy... all I could think was imagining Sexy Mama dancing in those costumes. Not because I'm just perverted n obsessed... but because she said she takes belly dance classes on Saturdays as well. lol!!!

Alright bro, I'll stop here. Hope I didnt bore you with obsessin bout my boss. U know how I get when I have a mind on a chic... remember Jill/Sexy? hahaha

Oh is there any Indonesian restaurants in Philly? Bali-style restaurants? If there are any... u should check it out.

Planning a vacation that's gna b far in the future.... meanwhile workin my ass off....


PS: I am proud of your hiking journey. It made me wanna hike too. Only hopefully not too far from civilized and somewhat hygiene toilets... lol.

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